So You’re A Tech Geek, But What’s Your Niche?

so you are a tech geek

As lovers of tech, it’s so easy to get excited about every innovation and development. Even as a self-confessed tech geek, you probably have a love for one or two specific areas of technology, though. Where do your passions lie? What are you striving to build a career from? Have you even considered the possibility of making a living from your technology interests?

If you love something, you soak up information about that thing all the time. You can quickly become an expert or highly knowledgeable person about those things. If you can translate your knowledge into easy to understand chunks, you could easily become a valuable person to others. You might choose to teach, or simply to start a technology blog about your area of specialism. What will you do with all that knowledge you’ve acquired?

Of course, those that love tech tend to like to tinker with tech. You might have ideas for new applications and gadgets that nobody else has come up with. What’s stopping you? Why not become the next high-profile inventor or strive to develop that product you’ve designed? A lean master knows how to turn a prototype into a fully functioning, ready-for-market product. You can take courses online to help you take your product as far as you want it to go.

So what does it take to earn big bucks from your tech passions? Simply an idea. Keep it easy for yourself. Don’t over complicate your ideas. Instead, start small and affordable. If you love telling people about the latest gizmos and new tech developments, start a Twitter or YouTube account. Post to it regularly and see who is interested in what you have to say. Once you’ve engaged a few other like-minded geeks, consider launching your own website and linking it to your other social media accounts. The more you say that is of interest to others, the more popular you’ll become. Then big things can start to happen.

What started as a review website or social media thread can quickly become a profitable blog. While you are investigating other products and reviews of those products, you might be developing ideas to improve them. Over time, you might even design a prototype. Testing and manufacturing may follow. Soon, you’re ready to use all those social media and website connections to launch your star product. What are you most interested in? Can you take it all the way?

Sure, you might need to learn a bit more. Perhaps you need to acquire new skills to be able to take your product ideas and launch them into a successful business? There is nothing stopping you from doing this and so much more. Of course, sticking with your niche or specialism could be the best approach. You know more about this than anything else. Chances are you know more about this than many other people too because it is your passion. Whether you teach, write, design or manufacture, why not consider earning a living from your tech passions?

With over 9 years of search marketing experience, Sandra is cross skilled between PPC and SEO. Her experience in search spans across different verticals including Technology, Retail, Travel & Automotive.