12 Useful YouTube Tutorials For New Parents

If you’re about to become a first-time parent, the thought of diaper duty, burping and other tasks can be intimidating.

But thanks to the Internet, you can put aside your fears. From how to pack the perfect diaper bag to properly swaddling your baby, there are plenty of step-by-step video guides from parenting experts on YouTube.

Below, we’ve rounded up 12 especially useful video tutorials to help you prepare for parenthood.

1.Changing diapers

Changing diapers can sound scary, but with some practice you’ll be an expert in no time. Not only does this video by Howdini walk you through the steps for changing a diaper, but it also explains how to set up a changing space, how often you should change diapers and which types of diapers you’ll want to purchase.

2. Packing a diaper bag

Jennifer Durbin, one of Howcast’s parenting experts, discusses how to effectively and efficiently pack a perfect diaper bag for when you’re on the go.

3. Sterilizing bottles and other accessories

Before using new bottles, nipples, rings and pacifiers, you’ll need to clean and sterilize them. Melissa from the parenting blog CloudMom goes over the right way to clean this equipment.

4. Bottle feeding

In this helpful video by Howcast, parenting coach Tammy Gold explains how to bottle-feed your baby correctly.

5. Nursing

For some mothers, breastfeeding can be a challenge. Learn the basics with this instructional video by CloudMom.

6. Preparing homemade baby food

Learn how to whip up homemade baby food with these easy-to-follow guides from Weelicious. The video goes through how to make homemade oatmeal cereal, specifically.

7. Burping your baby

There’s more to burping than just a simple pat on the back. Here’s a quick guide on burping, an important step of the feeding process.

8. Bathing your baby

Wondering how to bathe your newborn? This four-minute video by BabyCenter will teach you how to manage your baby’s first bath.

9. Trimming your baby’s nails

If you’re nervous about cutting your baby’s nails, this video from Howcast explains the tools you need, when it’s best to cut your baby’s nails and how to cut them gently.

10. Calming your crying baby

When your baby starts wailing, what are you supposed to do? This video from Howcast offers tips that can soothe and calm your baby.

11. Swaddling your baby

Learning how to wrap your baby with a blanket will ensure they’re warm and secure. This quick, one-minute video by Mothercare goes over how to create a cozy and snug swaddle.

12. Disciplining your child

As your child gets older, disciplining can be tough. In this video from Parents Magazine, Dr. Ari Brown shares four tips on how to discipline children, with helpful examples.

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