“F*** It, I Quit” Foul-Mouthed News Reporter Resigns Live On Air

Viewers tuned in to KTVA-TV’s 10pm newscast last night were given a bit of a shock when the newsreader revealed the identity of the owner of a medical marijuana business – herself.

Reporter Charlo Greene made the confession live on air before announcing that she was quitting using just a few choice words.

‘And as for this job, well, not that I have a choice but, f*** it, I quit,’ she said.

Ms Greene had reported on the Alaska Cannabis Club during Sunday night’s broadcast, without revealing her connection to it, Alaska Dispatch News reported.

But at the end of the report, during a live shot, she announced that she was the club’s owner and would be devoting herself to legalizing the drug in Alaska.

She said: ‘Now everything you heard is why I, the actual owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, will be dedicating all of my energy for fighting for freedom and fairness which begins with legalizing marijuana here in Alaska.’

Ms Greene then announced she was quitting and marched off camera.

Back in the main studio, the anchor looked rather flummoxed as she struggled to decide how to proceed, before glancing up and down, offering an quick apology, and saying: ‘We’ll be right back.’

The news channel took to Twitter to apologise.

‘Viewers, we sincerely apologize for the inappropriate language used by a KTVA reporter on the air tonight,’ it wrote. ‘The employee has been terminated.’

The Alaska Cannabis Club connects medical marijuana cardholders with other cardholders who are growing cannabis.

On its website, the club bills itself as striking ‘a perfect balancing act with Alaska’s Medical Marijuana laws’.

Growers are offered ‘donations’ as reimbursement for the costs of growing the plant, the club said in an interview with Alaska Dispatch News in August.

The club said it hopes to increase access to medical marijuana patients, despite operating in a legal grey area within Alaska’s murky medical marijuana laws.

The club had encouraged its Facebook followers to watch the broadcast and video clips were quickly uploaded to YouTube last night.

Marijuana legalization opposition group ‘Big Marijuana. Big Mistake. Vote No on 2’ posted on its Twitter page: ‘#KTVA reporter covering ballot measure 2 loses her mind, confesses to being an owner of the cannabis club and quits while on the air.’

On November 4, Alaska voters will decide on whether to legalize recreational use of marijuana in the state in a move similar to that which has already occurred in Colorado and Washington.

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