2 Apps Entrepreneurs And Students Shouldn’t Live Without

It is definitely true that in our times, it is very rare to find an entrepreneur or a college student who does not use his smartphone in his daily routines,  It is also true that entrepreneurs and students use several mobile applications for managing their tasks, studying and planning. Google Play Store and Apple App store provides dozens of apps that can be very helpful. Every entrepreneur and student knows many applications that fit his requirements but there are still some apps no entrepreneur or student should spend a day without. This post is here to tell you about two of the most important and productive that are currently in the market.

1. Dropbox



Cloud storage in general and mainly Dropbox is an essential facility for every entrepreneur. Most probably every smartphone user tried Dropbox to bring all docs, photos and videos to the cloud. Dropbox app features the following:

  • Accessing files from your laptop, desktop, tablet and phone or directly from the Dropbox website.
  • Platform independent, it supports iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android.
  • A very simple sharing interface for folders, files and projects.
  • Customized options to limit bandwidth consumption on Wifi and 3G.
  • Free Storage up to 2GB.
  • Operating System platforms independent, it supports Windows, Mac and Linux.

Dropbox is the most popular and easiest cloud storage service. Dropbox team has the Vote box service on their website to collect customer’s suggestions and feedback for their administration and developers.

2. Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro Logo

Scanner Pro Logo

You might not believe but you’ve got a real scanner in your cell phone. When I first used Scanner Pro, I did not realize how to manage my scanned files, it is a bit not clear quite how to organize scans.

Scanner Pro works as follow:

  1. You can either take a photo with the app or import a picture from the photo gallery of your phone.
  2. After uploading the file, Scanner Pro gives the quadrilateral drawing tool to select the area that you want it to be scanned. Actually Scanner Pro is really smart as it analyses your file and tries to guess the sections of the file that you wish to be scanned and it usually gets the correct areas. In addition the quadrilateral drawing tool, Scanner Pro features a magnifying glass to help you choosing the corners of the files accurately.
  3. The third step in the scanning process is to visually modify the scanned files, by tweaking the brightness, rotation, contrast and the image size.
  4. Once you finish creating the scan, there are several options for sharing, saving and emailing that you can use. Dropbox features a built-in support to several cloud storage platform like Dropbox, Google Docs and Evernote.
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