4 Types Of People Who Benefit From VPN

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are often thought of as an obscure tech tool, useful only to IT professionals and hardcore geeks. The truth is, anyone who uses the internet on a daily basis will have an improved online experience by using a VPN.

Here are four types of people who benefit from VPN:

The Entertainment Aficionado

Whether it’s Netflix, Spotify, or ESPN, a VPN is a quality solution for unlocking the web. Not living in the U.S. but need to stream the Super Bowl online? A VPN is your game pass for any sporting event, anywhere. Want to hop into an online game that only allows certain IP ranges? Use a VPN to overcome geo-restrictions and get faster speeds as you take on players from across the world.

Not only does a VPN help you defeat censorship, but it also helps you get around connection throttling. By re-routing your traffic so that it no longer goes through your internet service provider, you can enjoy your favorite online media without fear of ISP throttling.

Better still, leading VPN providers offer split tunneling — a feature that allows you to send your internet traffic through the VPN tunnel while retaining local network access. So if you want to unblock Netflix AND print to your network printer, choose a VPN with split tunneling to get the best of both worlds.

The On-The-Go-Business Professional

For the modern businessperson, working in the airport, the local coffee shop, or the hotel lounge is an everyday occurrence. Unfortunately, many public Wi-Fi connections are simply not safe, exposing users to threats like man-in-the-middle attacks and packet sniffers.

With a VPN, all of your data is encrypted and sent over a secure VPN tunnel. This prevents valuable company data and your own confidential information from falling into the wrong hands. If you’re going to be working on-the-go, make sure to use a VPN to secure your internet connection.

The Leisure Traveler

Going on a long-awaited getaway is great, but tourists often find that their favorite social media platforms and entertainment channels are blocked in their travel destination. Thankfully, a VPN is also a traveler’s best friend.

While many foreign governments choose to block certain social media and entertainment websites, you can use a VPN to stay connected with your loved ones and keep up with your regular media diet. Simply connect to a server location where your desired website is not blocked, and you can keep on chatting over WhatsApp as you tune into that new Netflix series – from anywhere in the world.

The Privacy-Conscious Netizen

Whether you’re using the internet at home, at work, or on vacation, you should have the right to stay anonymous online. Unfortunately, many governments and ISPs routinely check and record browsing data, usually in the name of public safety or for profit reasons.

Use a VPN to change your IP address and stay hidden from snooping authorities. Since most VPNs use shared IP ranges and encrypt your traffic, not only will third parties not be able to link a certain set of traffic to you, they wouldn’t even be able to read it in the first place.

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