The 4 Most Wanted Techie Giveaways For 2017

best techie giveaways for 2017

It’s almost Christmas and most people are trying to think of the best gift ideas that will put a smile on people’s face. It sounds easy but the fact is that you would not want to disappoint all of them with the wrong choice of gifts. But still, you also do not want to spend too much just because you want to spoil them. For companies that plan to do corporate giveaways, here are some nice ideas that might help you decide what to buy.

Bluetooth Speakers

Music on-the-go or portable speakers never gets old. It helps set people to mood and even helps with productivity to some. Headsets and earbuds can do the job for private music consumption but there are times that you need more pump and loudness to your favorite music. Bluetooth speakers have been popular for quite some time now because it offers more functionality in today’s way of living.

Bluetooth speakers are now great for conference meetings, group chats, and a simple call with loudspeakers. It can also perform as a music amplifier from a phone to heighten up the party ambiance. Good thing that a lot of speakers released this 2017 are equipped with more battery to last longer.

Power Banks

Power banks are now somewhat a necessity especially if you are always out and about with your electronic gadgets. It is not always easy to find an electric outlet just when you need it the most. When you are in an urgent chat with a client or a project that needs to be done now, it would be trouble if you suddenly go low-battery.

Since power banks have become fairly cheap nowadays, you could get a 10,000mAh or even 20,000mAh battery capacity for a low price. Just check your favorite online store and there are surely one that fits your needs and budget.


With portability as a key role for people with outgoing lifestyle, it is not a big surprise to find smartwatch to go popular in the past couple of years. Smartwatches in 2017 have gone from typical Bluetooth-enabled devices to full-pledged independent smartwatch with its very own operating system. Some even have their built-in SIM card slot and memory card slot so you can perform calls and mostly what any typical smartphone can do.

The best part is that a lot of Smartwatches this year are priced cheap. That means you can buy more for less. This is a great option for companies that want to give useful items with low budgets to boot with.

USB Sticks

Like smartphones, USB sticks have now become somewhat a necessity as well. For those people who need to bring their important files or want to have a portable storage for emergency purposes, USB sticks are the best option. Gone are the days for CDs and diskettes. With usual files that go from 10megabytes to 10gigabytes, CDs just couldn’t cut it especially in terms of speed and capacity.

USB On-The-Go is also another great option for people who prefer their smartphones as their primary driver for multimedia consumption and file editing tasks. It is compatible with both laptops/PC and smartphones.

Those are only four of the most wanted devices of today. Feel free to add more if you have ideas on the most wanted techie giveaways this holiday season.

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