4 Ways To Jumpstart Workplace Productivity

how to jumpstart workplace productivity

No matter how much someone loves their job, the day-to-day grind can get them down. This can result in less productivity, rushed or sloppy work, and overall low morale. If you’re in charge of a workplace or just someone who likes seeing happy, active co-workers around you then check out these helpful ways to get morale up and productivity through the roof.

Allow For Breaks

It may seem counter-intuitive at first but giving people time to breath and take a few minutes for themselves can increase their productivity and make them have a better workplace experience overall. Studies show that people who were given a boring task to do then shown a funny video were more productive than people shown a video about business and the task they were assigned to. The idea is that humor along with a small respite from work re-energizes people and makes them able to work longer with increased focus on their task. If you see an employee watching a cat video right after you asked them to do something, give them a few minutes before you start hounding them. They may just need a minute to regroup before getting their work done.

Make Goals Clear And Keep The Direction

After you’ve laid out a plan for a team, don’t shift their focus all around. Stay with the road-maps you’ve set up and keep your eye on what you want to accomplish so that your employees and colleagues understand the end goal. Some companies choose to use ERP (enterprise resource planning) to help things running smoothly. ERPs are software used to keep a business and its various functions streamlined. If you think an ERP solution might work for you or your team, do some research to find the one that’s right for you.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!

Maybe you’re concerned about something. Let people know. Maybe you think the company or team needs to pivot and go in a different direction. Speak to the people who make those decisions. Maybe you’re just really happy with the way things are going and want to tell everyone what a good job they’re doing. That one on its own can increase productivity! Communication is a huge factor in any business and lack of communication can do a lot of damage. If employees feel like they’re not being told what’s happening or if things are changing without them being informed, it makes them feel helpless and useless. Not everyone needs to know every little thing but keeping open lines of communication and encouraging people to voice their concerns, approvals, and accomplishments can help people feel appreciated and appreciated people tend to work harder.

Allow For Telecommuting

Nowadays, working from home is pretty commonplace but some offices still don’t allow it or at least frown on it. Telecommuting is not just something people do if they don’t want to use up a sick day but don’t feel like coming in. It can actually be very helpful. For people who may have a hectic family life, the opportunity to work from home can be a relief and they will get more done. For others that have long commutes, they may feel drained by the time they get to the office and spend their morning at 50 percent productivity. Offering them the option to work from home occasionally can help them have better mornings and therefore better days.

Increasing productivity isn’t as hard as people might think. With clear communication and goals plus a more relaxed attitude towards employees time, you can see an uptick in how much gets done. Not only that, the work may be of a higher quality and done with more attention to detail. It’s really a win-win so why not give some of these tips a try and see how productive your workplace can get!

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