4 Ways To Maximize Your Tech

how you can maximize your tech

You spent a lot of money on your technological setup and its individual components. It’s only natural that you would want to make sure that you get the most from it. You want all your devices to operate at lightning speed, to be accessible, and to be effective. Maximizing your tech doesn’t have to take long, and you can optimize your equipment without spending a cent. Let’s take a look at 4 ways you can optimize your devices and the value that they add to your life.


Wireless technology allows you to connect several devices to each other without the hassle of wires and time-consuming installations. Bluetooth makes file transfers and device operation much easier and is definitely one of the most effective ways to maximize your tech. Bluetooth is secure, simple to setup, and can be used extensively, for example, to connect your entire home to your iPad.


Multimedia is a big part of your setup. One of the best ways to maximize the value you get from your HDTV is with an Amazon Firestick. Online streaming services are slowly but surely taking over home entertainment as the world knows it. It is easy to use, affordable, and you can choose from copious amounts of content from prominent services like Prime Video, Netflix, and HBO. The problem is that, depending on where you find yourself in the world, you may not have access to the content that you want, and if you do, it may be too expensive.

By installing a virtual private network, you get access to some of the best add-ons and content for free. Jail-breaking your Amazon Firestick is by far one of the best ways to maximize the entertainment value you derive from your home tech.

Use Your Tech To Increase Productivity

Move your productivity apps to the foreground and switch of social media notifications. Your to-do lists on the Momentum dashboard and your daily planner apps can help to keep your objectives within your visual field as you work. This will boost your productivity and prevent procrastination. You should also keep social media out of sight to eliminate the temptation of scrolling through your news feeds and wasting time.

As far as browsers are concerned, stick to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Using Windows Explorer can also waste time as it tends to be bloated and sluggish. Another important way that you can optimize your tech is to incorporate automation tools. Scheduled monthly payments, email auto-responders, and coupon or voucher codes that you send as gifts to friends and family can save a lot of time.

File Management

One way to maximize your tech is to take care of all your files. This includes the ones on your phone. Open a bunch of folders and designate them to all your file types. You should have a folder for photos, work documents, personal documents like CV’s and bank statements, videos, as well as other files that you want to be categorized.

When you have all your files sorted under folders and your desktop is nice and clean, upload these folders to a cloud or file storage service like Google Drive. If you want, you can also make a backup of these files on an external storage device. This will free up space on your internal hard drives and ensure that all your files are safe and out of harm’s way. It will also allow you access to your files with your phone or tablet when you are traveling or when you don’t have your PC with you.

Add a shortcut to the cloud so you have instant access to your files. Files that you may need to access at a time when you don’t have an internet connection should be stored on your computer. One of the biggest benefits of cloud storage is that you can share files in a manner that is simple and effective.

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