A Female TV Host Totally Shut Down A Man’s Sexist Comments During An Interview

Lebanese TV host Rima Karaki knows who’s boss — and she’s not afraid to tell the world.

A recent interview between Karaki and Hani al-Seba’i, a Muslim scholar, is gaining international attention after Karaki cut the segment short following al-Seba’i’s sexist remarks, including telling Karaki to “shut up” and that it was “beneath” him to be interviewed by her.

Karaki had invited London-based al-Seba’i on Al-Jadeed TV last week for an interview about Christians joining ISIS in the Middle East. Al-Seba’i repeatedly avoided her questions, choosing to speak only about tangential topics, including the history of Christianity and Islam.

When Karaki interrupted him to steer back to the original question, al-Seba’i grew angry — and began taunting her. The TV host originally attempted to keep her cool, but fired back after he started calling her names and ultimately silenced al-Seba’i’s microphone.

“Either there is mutual respect, or the conversation is over,” Karaki concluded.

Many on social media commended Karaki for standing up with poise and grace.

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