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adsterra network review

Since its foundation at 2013 Adsterra Network has already gained well-regarded status in the online advertising industry. It has taken a rightful place of one of the best Google Adsense alternatives. The network provides an opportunity to gain more profit either to advertisers and publishers. Young, but ambitious Adsterra is investing into the well-being of its clients, providing publishers with highest CPM rates and advertisers with the highest income by optimizing their campaigns. So, let’s take a closer look at Adsterra Network.


Adsterra covers over 190 countries, receives approximately 10 bn ad impressions per month and serves about 20 thousand campaigns per month globally. In case advertisers’ campaigns are totally optimized, the network can generate about 6 bn leads every month for all advertisers. Plus the company provides you with a personal manager, real time statistics, and multi lingual online support service.

Adsterra For Advertisers

Adsterra is working with some of the big brands, and the network is doing its best to keep high standards for its advertisers.

  • First of all, Adsterra works with wide range of publishers and becoming Adsterra advertiser means you’ll have an access to that base.
  • Once you are registered, you get assigned with account manager who would assist you all the way. Also, Adsterra manager would help you optimize your campaigns.
  • Fake traffic won’t be unnoticed since the company uses anti-fraud control system. In case of such situation money are withheld from the publisher and the advertisers account is credited back.
  • Reach your target audience by running different campaigns for different websites. Set up the device type and operating system, geo and language, etc. By setting out the best targeting, you as an advertiser would maximize ROI the swiftest and the most convenient way.
  • At your personal dashboard you are able to check out real-time statistics: number of clicks, views and more detailed data upon how your advertising campaign is running.

As you see becoming Adsterra advertiser sounds pretty promising. What about publishers?

Adsterra For Publishers

Adsterra publishers also benefit from the company’s policy.  Here are some of the conditions of being an Adsterra Publisher.

  • Various ad formats would help you to make the most out of your traffic. You can pick between popunders, banner ads, direct links, interstitial ads – both for desktop and mobile devices.
  • Once again: dedicated account manager is here for you from the very beginning. An account manager can handle optimizing ads on publisher’s resource. Adsterra provides multi-language 24х7 support for its users.
  • Publishers also can access the dashboard with detailed real-time statistics: CTR, CPM, revenue, impressions and clicks – all one might need to estimate the outcome.
  • Adsterra allows withdrawing the money only when the account balance reaches $100. The company follows the NET15 norms. Payments can be done through WebMoney, ePayments, PayPal, Paxum, Payza, Wire Transfer and even BitCoin.

Summing Up

High-quality service, careful approach to the clients’ needs together with high level of competencies makes Adsterra one of the best advertising and monetization platforms.

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