Android Spy Software: Detecting Employee Theft And How To Deal With It

The most difficult part of managing any workplace is the employee theft, not just foreseeing it, but also addressing it appropriately, if caught. American management Association has determined that around $1 billion is lost to employee theft every week and one-third of all bankruptcies can be attributed to stealing from businesses by employees. Also, the offset rate for every dollar stolen is extremely high i.e. $20 dollars of sales.

By the end of this article, you will be able to understand the significance of employee monitoring and how Android spy software can be used for this purpose.

Detecting Employee Theft

There are some clear indications that management can look at: fallings profits, inventory shortages etc. but with newer tech and sophisticated devices, employees have learned more clever ways to embezzle and then to hide it.

Also check for the petty cash or retail items shortages. If you see anomalous discounts being offered, it’s critical you examine why and to whom they have been given. Devise a procedure for every facet of conducting a business like handling cash transactions or providing refunds.

Get On The Case

It’s important that you collect enough evidence as soon as a theft is detected. A big mistake that most employers do is resort to immediate termination even when they have a critical opportunity to obtain information that could be effectively used for prosecution.

Don’t worry, you don’t really have to be a criminal detective. You can obtain employees’ personal files, emails, calls and SMS logs, internet browsing activity etc. using an Android spying software like XNSPY. The app can be installed onto every employee’s smartphone. Employers can then access data of the target employees through an online control.

There are other useful features of a smartphonemonitoring app. you can track real time location of the target employees who are closely attached to cash transactions in a business. It’s also a great way to manage off-the-site workers’ location. XNSPY is also very useful to determine the productivity of the employees by simply monitoring the smartphone activity.

Android spy software like XNSPY is extremely affordable. It is highly effective against employee theft and to sieve out bad employees from a workplace.

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