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The Ultimate Resource for the Indie App Developer

Are you an Indie App Developer looking to develop or market an awesome app on a budget?  If so, listen up!  AppTaskit, the global marketplace where you can buy and sell app related services is quickly becoming one of the most valuable resources for the Indie App Developer.  Offering everything an app developer needs to design, develop and market their apps on a budget all while streamlining the overall process.

AppTaskit in a Nutshell

The AppTaskit Marketplace is essentially made up of a growing community of app developers and marketers who either want to buy app related services or sell app related services.  In most cases community members both buy and sell services on the website.

App Development & Marketing Process Evolved

If you want to be successful in the app business in this day and age you can’t go it alone.  You can’t be a “jack of all trades” in this business anymore.  You need to find talented individuals to contribute to your project and improve upon the areas where you may lack skill.  This is the definitive difference between a large App Development Firm and a typical Indie Developer in most cases.  Until now, there hasn’t been an efficient, effective and affordable way for Indie App Developers to outsource key tasks within the overall app development and marketing process.

The AppTaskit marketplace gives Indies the opportunity to take this modular approach and to ultimately make better apps.

App Developer Freelance Opportunities

The demand for app design, development and marketing services in the global market continues to grow at an exponential rate.  You would think that getting work as a freelance app developer would be easy considering the current state of the industry.  Unfortunately that’s not the case.  Many of the mainstream freelance websites have become extremely saturated and fiercely competitive leaving a large percentage of highly talented and qualified freelancers with empty pockets.  AppTaskit offers a fresh, new and innovative platform that allows freelance app developers to sell their services to others at a fixed rate.  Within a short period of time this structural dynamic has proven to be successful for both the buyer and seller.

“The company has accurately predicted that the app business will become increasingly more modular and that the fixed rate pricing structure is the most suitable for both parties (buyer and seller).”

AppTaskit understands that most Indie App Developers are forced to work with minimal budgets and resources.  The company has recognized this and dedicated all their efforts to providing a home for these Indies.  The reliable platform allows them to connect with app developers and marketers from around the world and either buy services or sell services.  The wonderful support and contributions by the growing community has helped AppTaskIt to become the largest and most eminent resource for app developers.

Company Profile: AppTaskit is the brainchild of Maurits Von Elgg-Founder (Santa Cruz, California, USA) and Alamgir Hossin (Uttara, Dhaka City, Bangladesh).  Each residing on different continents and belonging to different niches within the industry.  The two aspirants collaborated to develop a supreme platform dedicated to fulfilling the needs of the Indie App Developer.  The overall vision was to create an active, vibrant and tight knit community of talented app developers and marketers that could help one another to achieve their goals within the competitive app industry.  Today AppTaskit has emerged as the most valuable resource for the Indie App Developer.

There is a lot of information provided on the social media pages of the company. Interested app developers can also follow the AppTaskit profile pages, join discussions, and establish an interactive session and much more. Please read the regular updates on these pages for more details. The link to the social media pages of AppTaskit are provided below. For more information about this app development resource drop them an a mail at

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