Arcadier’s $199 And $399 Packages Now Come With Full API Access

arcadier now offering api access with plans

Previously only available to our Enterprise package users – established companies looking to custom-build their marketplace – Arcadier has now made full API access available in its Growth ($199) and Scale ($399) packages.

With the addition of API access, users can customize the look and feel of their marketplace, build a mobile application for their marketplace, and integrate external applications to power new features on their site. It allows developers to build on Arcadier’s existing templates while retaining the flexibility of APIs. Examples of functions that can be added through the API platform are loyalty point accumulators, re-targeting ads, email collection pop ups, and much more.

The addition of full API access to Arcadier’s Growth and Scale packages caters to entrepreneurs who feel that the standard features on offer suffice but are looking to add some customization, or organizations that are looking for marketplace builders that are more customizable and comprehensive, yet still cost-effective.

Arcadier’s APIs are based on RESTful, which uses robust Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) technology as REST leverages less bandwidth, making it more optimal for internet usage. To use APIs to customize a marketplace, adequate technical expertise is needed. Arcadier recommends that users consult with their in-house developer or one of Arcadier’s full-stack developer partners. If you are a developer, you can have access to our API sandbox here and see our API list here.

About Arcadier Pte Ltd

Arcadier is the world’s fastest growing marketplace creator, and is the recognized global leader of multi-vendor marketplace technology.  Powering more than 2000 online marketplaces in 96 countries, Arcadier offers marketplace solutions for entrepreneurs and businesses of varying sizes, needs and geographical locations. Arcadier marketplaces supports many sharing economy ideas; from retail to services and rental of space.

To learn more about Arcadier Marketplaces or to speak to Arcadier’s founders, contact Clarissa Santoso at, or visit the website at

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