Arcadier Marketplaces Allows More Customization And Flexibility For Web Developers & Payment Integrators

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As the first Marketplace-as-a-Service (MaaS) company in Asia, Arcadier’s innovation in e-commerce solutions and marketplace technology has secured its place as a nascent leader in the industry worldwide. Having released its Retail & Goods, Service Booking, Space Rental, and Goods Rental templates last year, the Singapore-based startup recently announced a few new pioneering features that puts its affordable solutions ahead of any other.

While the emphasis of Arcadier Marketplaces’ features has always been user-friendliness for those without any coding knowledge, Arcadier is giving its users and web developers more freedom and flexibility to customize their own marketplace templates in this new update.

Arcadier’s newly launched “Generic Payments” feature allows marketplace owners or administrators to integrate any payment gateway of their choosing — besides the default payments processors offered, Stripe and Paypal. For example, Russian marketplaces may only want to use Qiwi Wallet and Yandex Money, while Chinese marketplaces may only want to use Alipay and Ten Pay. Multiple payment processors can be integrated, and administrators also have the option to deactivate Arcadier’s default payment processors.

Based on popular demand, Arcadier now welcomes developers and users with technical expertise to insert third-party plugins using Javascript codes. A simple application of this feature would be for remarketing tools. Other uses would be to add social media icons to listings or to enable live foreign exchange conversions. This “Custom Javascript” feature is a powerful tool for those with programming knowledge.

Arcadier has also implemented a “Chat & Negotiation” feature. By clicking on the “Request To Book” button on the item details page in a Service Booking or Rental marketplace, buyers can negotiate the terms and price of a listing, and sellers can send special offers to buyers once they have agreed on the terms of sale. The buyer will have to click “Buy Now” and make the payment to the seller to complete the transaction.

“Since the launch of our first off-the-shelf marketplace template in July 2016, we’ve had over 800 online marketplaces created with Arcadier’s technology, from meal sharing, coworking spaces, to marketplaces for hair products and confectionery. With these new features for web developers and payment integrators, we expect a similar response to our new marketplace solutions because we’re providing a disruptive technology with which anyone may create a marketplace,” says Kenneth Low, Arcadier’s Chief Commercial Officer.

It doesn’t stop there. In the coming months, Arcadier is scheduled to launch the “Private Marketplace” feature for marketplace administrators who want to verify users or send private invitations to join their marketplace. Arcadier Marketplaces are free to use until March 2017, after which a monthly subscription of $99 USD applies.

For more details regarding the new features, you can also refer to Arcadier’s FAQ and YouTube tutorials.

About Arcadier Pte Ltd

Arcadier is the first Marketplace-as-a-Service (MaaS) company in Asia, and is a global leader of marketplace technology.  Based in Singapore, Arcadier offers multi-tiered marketplace solutions for companies of varying sizes, needs, and geographical locations. By powering communities with its marketplace technology, the dedicated team at Arcadier pushes the boundaries in online marketplaces with a grand vision to positively impact people’s lives, through one marketplace at a time.

To learn more about Arcadier Marketplaces or to speak to Arcadier’s founders, contact Clarissa Santoso at, or visit the website at

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