Developers Wanted – Arcadier Launches API Platform For Completely Customizable Marketplace Solutions

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In less than a year, more than a thousand online marketplaces have been built with Arcadier’s DIY off-the-shelf marketplace platform. Based on feedback from users and bigger enterprise clients who are looking to custom-build their own marketplaces, Arcadier has released an API Sandbox (beta) to the public.

This release comes after the launch of Arcadier’s “Custom JavaScript” feature on Arcadier Marketplaces earlier this year. With it, developers and users who have a good understanding of JavaScript are able to make minor modifications to Arcadier’s DIY off-the-shelf marketplaces without needing to rebuild them. Modifications include adding third party plug-ins or editing the aesthetics of the marketplace.

Arcadier takes that one step further with its latest innovation: Arcadier’s APIs allow clients and developers to build and completely tailor a marketplace’s workflow, features and aesthetics in a secure environment, according to their needs. Developers can utilize and build on Arcadier’s range of features using the APIs— which are updated and added to continually. Clients will benefit by being able to create a marketplace to their liking without the complications and costs of maintaining their own infrastructure, as their Marketplace will be fully hosted by Arcadier

The developer can make use of features from Arcadier’s different marketplace types — Retail Goods, Service Booking, Rental Goods, and Space Rental) — as well as Admin, Merchant, and Consumer portals, which are all available as APIs.

Along with the launch of the Arcadier API Platform, Arcadier has created a Developers Forum on its website, a place where any developers using the platform can discuss anything about APIs, Javascripts and brainstorm solutions together.

Arcadier is also pleased to announce its Development Partner Program, which allows digital consultancies with strong front-end design and development capabilities to gain new customers and be listed as one of Arcadier’s recommended development partners. By joining this program, developers gain access to Arcadier’s enterprise customer base. Enterprise customers will enjoy the use of a dedicated server, faster technical response times and unlimited API calls.

To learn more about Arcadier Marketplaces or to speak to Arcadier’s founders, contact Clarissa Santoso at

About Arcadier Pte Ltd

Arcadier is the first Marketplace-as-a-Service (MaaS) company in Asia, and is a global leader of marketplace technology. Based in Singapore, Arcadier offers multi-tiered marketplace solutions for companies of varying sizes, needs, and geographical locations. By powering communities with its marketplace technology, the dedicated team at Arcadier pushes the boundaries in online marketplaces with a grand vision to positively impact people’s lives, through one marketplace at a time.

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