The Benefits Of Working In A Startup

benefits of working in a startup

Unlike startups, most corporate jobs offer you better pay and great rewards. However, you will have to work extended hours and deal with a huge workload, meaning that it might not be as glamorous as in the movies. To many people, staying in the harsh corporate environment is mainly out of the need to earn money; most often, they would rather stick with what is stable.

However, if you are always on the lookout for an adventure and working in a fast-paced work environment, and the possibility of a steep career progression, then working with a small company may be something for you. Apart from the wear any attire that startups are mostly known for, here are more reasons you will love working there.

The Innovative Environment

As part of an enthusiastic and passionate entrepreneurial team, you become a part of making history. This is likely to ignite inspiration at whatever level you are working – an important factor when you are working at something you love, according to Corpina. Plus, you do not have to deal with hierarchy or company bureaucracy, giving you the freedom to get work done in a more efficient, faster manner.

Working in a startup allows you to experiment and even push new ideas forward. The environment is perfect for quickly finding out whether your ideas will fly or sink. This is a critical step towards innovation where you get to do things together as a team.

You Bring The World Something New

Only the very first batch of employees get to hit major startup milestones like closing the very first client, creating the initial code or playing a part in the release of version 1.0 – or 0.1 – of a software that will see millions enjoy. At the startup, you are a team member, and the entire workforce is most probably still in the single digits. Because you are working with such a small team, nobody else in the company may have the same skills as you, thinks the same way you do or even goes about solving problems like you.

Work With True Innovators

People starting out their own business are on a different mental and professional wavelength than those who have never started something of their own. The entrepreneur is defined as having identified a problem and innovatively came up with an original way to address it; for example, RapID Tags are the latest technology in mice ear tags. This innovative nature makes entrepreneurs some of the best teachers.

The way an entrepreneur approaches issues is different, and they constantly find solutions and driven to get the most out of their efforts. Each successful startup features true innovators, find the right one, and you will learn plenty.


Since most early-stage startups have small teams, joining the company means you play an integral part in the creation of a service or product, playing a critical role in improving someone’s life as well as earning that feeling of ownership. You cannot replicate this fulfilling experience in the corporate world where you are more likely to feel like a small cog in a huge wheel. Working in a startup allows you to learn about accountability fast as you take ownership of projects you have been entrusted with.

Startup budgets are tighter – some are even still getting funding from crowd funding platforms like Plumfund – and the teams are smaller compared to those at large multi-nationals. This means that there is no room for error. The responsibility you are carrying becomes that much greater.

A lot of what every person in the business does is a direct contribution to the startup’s success. In addition, passion for work is much more noticeable. It is a difficult and steep learning curve, but this is a critical lesson especially for the individual who is just starting on his or her career path.

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