Cost Effective Methods For Reaching Your Audience As A Startup Or Independent

marketing methods to reach your audience

So you’re young, full of drive and finally set up your business. But you’re still wondering, how can you get noticed and direct consumers and traffic toward yourself? It’s not easy, but your enthusiasm will bypass the fact that you’re low on funds. No matter who you are, whether you’re an artist, a startup business or you’re just looking to start a social campaign, there are numerous ways to get your brand out there.


First things first, make sure you have your own website. To direct traffic to your business, you’ve got to have a home for guests to enter. The updates and blog posts you write should include certain keywords that describe exactly what it is you’re doing. Mention your service or function frequently but flowingly on your website. If you’re an event organizer, advertise what you do by utilizing key search terms. Key terms are found by studying search engines and how they operate. Don’t forget behind the trends, are the individual human beings who all have something in common. Do relevant research into your market and find out what’s hot and mold your articles in that direction if you want to get noticed.

In The Public Domain

An excellent way to get your brand or name across is to create and print out fliers or a newsletter. If you’re an independent musician or painter looking for work, spend the money on printing off some of your work. During this process, make sure you’re watermarking everything, so no one can replicate your content and claim it as their own. A smart way to springboard your name as high as a kite is to stick around. Think of a unique hashtag to use on social media. A professional entity like Blue Bee Printing allows you to customize and print out stickers, which you can leave on lamp posts, alleyways, message boards on public transport, bars, clubs, park benches, etc. The world is your oyster. People walking by your name, brand and or business, might become curious. Almost everyone has a smartphone with immediate internet access, so who knows, they might look you up on their way to work.

Face To Face  

You’re a startup, so you may be dipping into your own pocket to pay for advertisement. Assemble your team, rally them with your determination to achieve set goals, and go out into the public. Set up a stall, hand out fliers, talk to the audience; get your face out there and seen. The same if you’re a musician, play in bars, advertise yourself out to event hosts who want talent for live entertainment or background ambiance. If you’re an artist, set up your stall in an area such as a dense human traffic chokepoint. Display your art and be talkative with potential customers; your image is just as important as your hard work. No matter who you are, as a startup or independent, always have a stack of business cards about your person. They can impart information about you quicker than a conversation on the go.

With over 9 years of search marketing experience, Sandra is cross skilled between PPC and SEO. Her experience in search spans across different verticals including Technology, Retail, Travel & Automotive.