Creative Business Ideas To Get The Juices Flowing

creative business ideas

In today’s world, everyone is looking for something exciting. Because we all have access to the Internet, we all have access to the craziest and wackiest ideas out there. Alongside this, the Internet enables more and more business to set up shop. Without the limitations associated with a brick and mortar store, opening a shop is easy only. This abundance of businesses means that newcomers to the market have to be more creative than ever.

It’s easy to be lost and forgotten as a generic business if you don’t play your cards right. So, it’s much better to put some work in. Of course, thinking of fresh ideas can be hard. So, this post will go through some potential business ideas that should be easy to setup and enjoy. It will also go through a good process for coming up with a unique business idea for yourself.

The Boat Restaurant/Cafe/Bar

Imagine spending an evening on the water, enjoying a relaxing meal and glass of wine. Sounds like paradise, right? Well, maybe not quite, but it’s still a creative idea. Of course, tea boats have existed for a very long time. But, you won’t find a modern one anywhere. In fact, you’ll struggle to find any sort of business-boat in most cities.

People like to experience something fresh and unique. Even if the experience only differs from the norm very slightly, it’s still exciting. Boats will usually have all of the power you need to run a business and can have enough space if you’re smart with planning. Boats aren’t too expensive, either, compared to buildings. They’re also very easy to find. 2nd hand Ships for sale – NautiSNP is a great place to start when looking for a large boat. The business that you have inside the boat can be anything. Cafes or nightclubs are always hotspots when they’re planned well and pick up some popularity. As long as it’s suitable for a boat, and can benefit from the odd choice of property, any business will do.

Obviously, you can’t have a boat in a city where there isn’t any water. Thankfully, most cities do have a river. This is because, in the past, towns would be built near a water source. As the towns grew into cities, the water sources became enveloped by the settlement. You would also have to think about the maintenance costs of a boat. It’s almost certainly going to take more work than keeping a building up together, especially if it’s an unreliable boat.

The Cat Pub/Cafe

Petting zoos are always extremely popular amongst families. But, the only real reason that you won’t find many adults visiting those places is that it would be a little bit weird. Adults are serious and stoic, so they need to be tricked into spending time with furry friends. Everyone loves animals, and cats sit at the top of a lot of people’s lists.

Cats are easy to get your hands on, and they’re quite cheap. In an environment where you’re only serving drinks, they’re hygienic enough to have around. If you find the right cats, they’ll be more than happy to be fussed and loved by anyone. If you raise the cat’s yourself, you can expect this to be the case as well. Having a unique feature like this will make your business into a landmark for a lot of people. A lot of establishments in Asian countries have incorporated cats into their business. Most have found that it’s especially appealing to westerners.

Of course, when you bring animals into a business, you have to consider the effect that it could have on your customers. Some people are allergic to animals, and wouldn’t be able to visit your business at all. If one of the cats attacks someone it could cause legal problems and your business could suffer. You also have to consider the cost of keeping animals. The more animals you have, the more important it gets to immunize them against diseases. You also increase the chance that you will have to make emergency vet trips, which can be very expensive.

The Coffee Rickshaw

One of the biggest boons to a mobile business is the convenience it provides. It’s rare that you’ll find a coffee shop that can provide a decent drink without walking for ten minutes. With a rickshaw, it doesn’t matter where your customers are; you can always get to them. You’re not limited to using roads, and you’re not limited to one place. Essentially, this puts you in a good position between a stationary store and a coffee van.

With a lot of emphasis on green technology in everyday life, people will notice the fact that you’re using your body power to get around. This gives your business a nice edge against others, who use fossil fuels to power their business. You don’t need much equipment to make coffee, just something that can heat espresso, milk, and steam. You may have to practice a little bit, though. As being a master barista takes some work.

You have to think about your ability to ride a rickshaw for longer periods of time, with a lot of weight to pull. You also have to think about where you are going to sell your coffee. A lot of cities require permits or licenses to sell things on the street. Making coffee can be considered an artform, as well. So, making it well might take a little bit of time.

Custom Products Shop – 3D Printing

The idea of this business is to simply get you hands on some 3D printers, and create a platform for users to sell their own products. You have the users design 3D models that others might want to buy. You host those ideas on a market place, and when someone buys something, you print it. You share the profits between yourself and the designer.

Community centered businesses are becoming increasingly popular. With people making and selling their own products at the forefront. With this idea, you take away the designer’s need to have their own website and printers. You give your customers the chance to choose from a much wider selection of profits. And, you don’t have to do that much of the work yourself. Keeping on top of orders and investing in tools is much easier than designing products.

Of course, 3D printers are quite expensive. Getting your hands on more than one of them will make it a costly venture. It may take time for the business to get off the ground, as well. It will take time for the product and customer base to grow, forcing you to stay in normal work. Manufacturing will use a lot of power, as well. So, you have to consider the overheads.

Now, it’s time to have a look at the process that it takes to think of an idea like these. Remember; you need to be as creative as possible, to make your own niche.

To start with, you need to think about a business that you would enjoy running. There isn’t much point in setting up a cat cafe if you don’t like the idea of making coffee and serving customers. If you are going to have a physical business, with more than just a web presence, you need to scope out the ideal location. You shouldn’t put yourself close to competitors, even if your business is unique.

Once you know what sort of business you want to run, you can think of the unique spin you want to add to it. This should only be one aspect of the business, and shouldn’t affect the running of the business too much. Ultimately, you’re running the business to sell products. If you go too over the top, it will make your actual business into a sideshow. Think of things that you love, and that you think would be exciting for customers to visit. You want this feature to be remembered, with the potential to make your business famous.

Unfortunately, this is where realism has to strike. You need to come up with a detailed business plan and have people you trust evaluate it for you. Come up with the pros and cons of your business idea, and try to weigh them against each other. You may have an idea that you think would be very popular, but the running costs would render it simply untenable. The process of coming up with an idea and weighing it up may take a few tries. But, if you truly want to get to the best business idea, you need to do the work. Any time you spend on this can be seen as an investment into your new business, which makes it well worth it.

Hopefully, this will get the juices flowing, and you’ll be coming up with some great business ideas in no time. Don’t be afraid to ask for honest feedback from your friends and family. Criticisms that you get at this stage could be just what you need to get your business off the ground. Remember, do plenty of research and never settle for a boring option.

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