Do You Think Women Working The Booths At Tech Shows Are Just Eye Candy?

Trending online now is a unique and in my personal opinion a powerful hashtag #IAmNotABoothBabe

How the Campaign Started

Jennifer Gill, Zerto’s Director of Global Product Marketing is a 15 year veteran of the tech industry. She has a degree in biomedical engineering, has worked as a developer and due to her role in product marketing she has worked many tradeshow booths. After talking tech with a prospect at a recent tradeshow, she was struck by his comment, “hey, you are not just a booth babe.” Jennifer later came up with the perfect response. At VMworld 2014 she suggested creating buttons for the women of Zerto to wear at the event that read, “I am not a booth babe. Ask me a question.” The idea was to gently challenge the stereotype of women’s roles at such events and raise awareness around their evolving and important place in leading technology organizations.

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