Don’t Let Your Productivity Suffer: 6 Chairs That Make Work And Fun A Breeze

best chairs for productivity

The right chair makes all the difference in your performance, whether it is for work or gaming. Ten hours sitting in a typical office chair can create serious fatigue. Your level of comfort is key to increase your level of output.  Sitting for long hours adds stress to the spine. Not utilizing the correct chair creates lower back problems and poor posture. Choosing the right chair specific to your needs will make all the difference. For the serious gamer or the long office hours, immediate and long-term comfort will improve your enjoyment level significantly.

Following are 6 chairs to consider, making work and play more enjoyable.

Ergonomic Office Chair

Look for a good ergonomic office chair. Seat height and lumbar support should be adjustable. This allows for proper fit and back support. It should have padding and cloth fabric that breathes. Find one with a backrest that supports the natural curve of your back and has a locking mechanism to avoid sitting to far back.

Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs are a great alternative for both the serious gamer and long hours at the office. These high tech gaming chairs are created specifically to support extended hours of game play. They have high backs to support the spine and neck, adjustable lumbar support, and have arm rests designed to protect your wrists and shoulders.

Saddle Chair

If you have lower back problems, consider a saddle chair. It allows your legs to drop naturally positioning you between sitting and standing. With time and consistency this chair will help strengthen your back muscles.

Exercise Ball Chair

Consider using an exercise ball as a chair. This seating arrangement encourages movement and engages muscles. Slouching is difficult, and posture is improved. The continued movement and engagement of the core muscles reduces fatigue and stimulates circulation.


Wobble and Swooper stools create constant movement, engaging your quads and core. They bounce or wobble encouraging movement, increasing circulation, and are good for the spine. The subtle bounce in the swooper stool, like the bounce in the exercise ball, decreases the stress on the spine.


A VARIChair is a chair designed for a standing desk. It works as a regular sitting chair and as a leaning chair. Leaning chairs provide healthier work positions that improve the circulation to your legs and reduce the stress on the spine. They encourage movement and create better posture. It engages your core and encourages more movement and less stationary sitting. It’s perfect for the active gamer who moves quite a bit during play.

The chair you choose depends a great deal on your personal level of comfort and your goals. The 6 chairs mentioned above all provide ample spine support and increase posture. The difference lies in whether you prefer to remain stationary with arm and wrist support (see ergonomic office chairs and gaming chairs) or if your preference lies in increasing circulation and engaging your core. Choosing the right chair will make work and play more productive and enjoyable. Take your time and consider all your options carefully.

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