How To Easily Develop A Digital Marketing Strategy

Ten years ago, digital marketing was more or less the fever dream of a select few, but in 2016, it’s essential. It’s essential to the survival of any modern business, and any modern website. The ability to be quickly found on the web is vital in an age of technology, ease of use and reliance on the internet.

This all starts with a digital marketing strategy, and clever use of the tools you have available to you. From SEO to Twitter, how you use these tools will make all the difference, and could make or break your success. Online success won’t come overnight; it takes time, dedication and planning.

Focus On Improving What You Already Have

If you’re a brand new business, or a brand new website, it’s safe to assume that you’ve built a few social media pages. These are the very basic foundations of a solid online presence, and are a good place to start. However, the fact that they’re basic means they’re limited, but you can quickly fix that.

But how? Well, there are certain bits of functionality that exist on these social media pages that would only be of use to a business. For example, on Facebook, you can pay a small fee to have your posts ‘boosted’ and sent to a wider audience. Similar functionality is available on Twitter, too. In short, look at the basic tools you have at your fingertips, and use them to your advantage.

The Power Of Outsourcing

Digital marketing isn’t just limited to one specific area. You’ll have a lot of different balls to juggle, and a lot of different areas to tackle. For example, you’ll need to regulate and update social media, produce blog posts, and improve your SEO tactics. It can be a real pain.

You can’t just drop one of these jobs, either. A proper digital marketing strategy will be all-inclusive. You could make use of a provider such as SEO Rank Up, to take care of one specific area for you while you handle the rest. Use your resources wisely, and don’t spread yourself too thinly.

Use Those Free, Simple Marketing Tactics

Rather than focusing on all the pricey stuff, take a step back and look at some lower cost options. You never know the effectiveness of them until you try them, and who knows, some could be more powerful than a paid method.

One example of a free marketing tactic is to use your emails wisely. It’s likely that you send a lot of them every single day, which affords you daily exposure. Simply placing a link back to your website or social media page in the signature of the email is a cheap way to expand. If you’re going to be sending that email anyway, why not do this? You’ve nothing to lose.

Another free marketing tactic is to comment. Comment, comment, comment! By interacting with pages similar to yours, you expose yourself to your very audience. For example, if I was a games company, I’d comment on the pages of other games. Don’t be spammy, though; engage in a relevant discussion at all times.

Did any of these tips help your strategy out? Whatever the case, drop a comment down below!

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