Easy Solutions To Common IT Problems In Your Startup

The modern business, and the modern startup, simply wouldn’t be complete without a suite of IT solutions. From cloud computing to inventory management and digital marketing, IT is as big a part of businesses as anything else.

But when it goes wrong, it can go really wrong – in spectacular fashion. The very fact that many businesses are so reliant on IT means that when it fails, the entire operation can crumble.

So what can your startup do in this instance? How can you quickly bounce back from a grievous IT-error? Well, it’s not always going to be simple, but this post will attempt to alleviate some of the pain…

Problem: Company Computers Are Too Slow


More often than not, this isn’t the fault of the computers themselves. To determine what the issue is, there are several quick checks you can make.

Firstly, determine whether or not the problem lies with your internet connection. Browse your file explorer offline and check your PC speed then. It could simply be a poor broadband issue.

Secondly, you can go to your file explorer and see how much memory is left on your hard drive. In Windows, this will be Local Disk (C:). If this drive is full, your PC can become rather sluggish.

Problem: Lack Of Disaster Backup And Recovery


Your tiny little business probably won’t be able to cope with a severe flood, or a sudden power outage. Both these occurrences can result in data loss, and the effects could prove costly. Without a proper disaster backup in place, that is.

It’s not even a hard thing to accomplish. Pretty much every operating system on Earth, including Windows, comes with this feature as standard. All you need to do is hook your PC up to an external hard drive to make a copy of your system.

Alternatively, the cloud can be used to keep backups streaming to the web all day long. You may wish to consult with various IT staffing companies to help you here, as this job can get quite complex.

Problem: Excel Formulas Causing Issues With Data Tracking


Sometimes, Excel just doesn’t work. It’s a pain, especially when you rely upon it to keep track of taxes or expenses.

In particular, it’s the formulas in Excel that can become riddled with bugs. To combat this issue, I’d first try restarting your PC to an earlier point in time. You can do this by typing ‘backup and restore’ into the search bar in Windows.

You’ll then be able to revert your PC to an earlier point in time, when the formulas work. Or, copy and paste the formula from somewhere on the web. Excel has been known to cause issues when formulas are entered manually.

Problem: Company Printers Won’t Work


We’ve all been here. And thankfully, for that very reason, there are plenty of fixes!

One of the best is to remove old printer drivers, which could interfere with any new printers. You need to go to Printers in your Control Panel, right click the white space and select Server Properties.

Then, switch to the drivers tab and delete any old printer drivers. You’ll know they’re old because they’ll have the same name as the old printer.

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