Engage Your Fans & Followers With The BBM Channels App For Hootsuite

Hootsuite is excited to announce an exclusive integration with BBM Channels, a messaging platform for conversations between people, brands and communities. Built on the cross-platform BBM instant messaging service, BBM Channels enables brands to engage directly with mobile audiences across BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone.

Mobile messaging apps are becoming increasingly popular for group chat, photo sharing, and video conversations, so it’s no surprise that brands are looking for ways to engage with their fans and followers in the messaging apps they use every day. Now with the BBM Channels app for Hootsuite, social media, community, and marketing managers can engage with BBM Channels communities in the Hootsuite dashboard alongside their social networks. This allows them to save time, work more efficiently, and drive greater community engagement. Publish messages and photos, interact with your followers, and moderate user content on as many BBM Channels as you like—all within Hootsuite.

The app is free for all Hootsuite users and BBM Channel owners, and is now available in the Hootsuite App Directory. Install Here

Share social posts to your Channel and vice versa

The BBM Channels app for Hootsuite makes it easy to incorporate your BBM Channel strategy into your overall social media initiatives. You’re now able to share posts from Twitter and Facebook directly to your BBM Channel with just a few clicks, so you can always keep your Channel up-to-date with the most immersive content and conversations. Alternatively, when a particular photo or update creates a high volume of replies and likes within your BBM Channel community, you can quickly re-post the content on Twitter or Facebook to further amplify the message and drive engagement on those networks as well.

“Both social media and messaging channels have been a powerful tool for FC Barcelona to engage with our large active global fan base. By bringing together Hootsuite and BBM Channels, FC Barcelona team now has a way to bring their Channels content into their social media workflow to expand the reach of brand and user-generated content. The ability to be more social as an organization is integral for our success, and we expect nothing less.” —Dídac Lee, FC Barcelona Board Member, Technology Area Director


Moderate user content

Comments from subscribers can bring your BBM Channel community to life, but monitoring comments for offensive or inappropriate content can be time consuming. The BBM Channels app for Hootsuite allows you to moderate user content more efficiently by bringing it into your Hootsuite dashboard with your other social networks. You can filter a BBM Channel stream to display Pending Content or Flagged Content, and then quickly accept or delete comments.

Track engagement and follower growth

As you grow your BBM Channel, it’s vital to know how your subscribers are interacting with your content. With the BBM Channels app for Hootsuite, you can see at a glance how many visits are converting to likes, comments, and reads, and whether your daily engagement rates are increasing.

The channel analytics also reveal which sources are driving your subscriber growth, so you can optimize your paid and organic acquisition strategies to focus on the best methods. In addition, you can look beyond overall subscriber numbers to see how many people are joining and leaving your Channel community each day. With this data, you’ll be able to optimize not only for subscriber acquisition, but retention, as well.


Manage your Channel

Take control of your BBM Channel from the convenience of your Hootsuite dashboard. You can edit your channel settings to create the best experience for yourself and your community. For example, you can update your Channel description or picture to promote a new campaign, or temporarily disable comments to protect your audience.

Integrate your BBM Channels with your social strategy to build deeper relationships with your mobile followers. Install the app today to get started!

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