How To Extract B6Z Archives With B6Zip

extract b6z archives with b6zip

We are all familiar with archive file formats that contain multiple compressed files inside of them. You may have found a B6Z file on a website or through your email that you are not sure how to open. This is because B6Z files are a new modern archive file format similar to zip or rar except with a much better compression ratio. Everyone is moving towards B6Z, but how do you use them?

If you do not know already, you must use a tool to extract B6Z file archives. The number one B6Z file extractor is B6Zip, and not only can it open B6Z files but it can also deal with every archive file in the computing world, including the popular ZIP, RAR, and 7Z formats. This means that you only need one file archiving utility – B6Zip.

Using B6Zip To Extract B6Z Archives

 Firstly, you are going to need to download the B6Zip software app. This can be done on the official website or through the app store. Once you have downloaded the file, you will then need to install the app. Double clicking or command clicking and selecting Open will begin the installation process. Once you are done installing, running the B6Zip app for the first time allows you to associate known archive file extensions with B6Zip so that you can open them automatically simply by double clicking on any archive file on your computer. By default, files are extracted to the same directory that the archive file resides in. You are also able to extract to a directory destination of your choice.

Advantages Of B6Z

Unlike other archive formats, B6Z allows encryption of both the actual data as well as the file metadata such as the file names and creation dates. B6Z uses the state of the art AES256 symmetrical encryption algorithm and because the B6Z format is open and extensible, other algorithms can be used as well.

Another very important advantage of the B6Z format is the higher compression ratio when compared to other archive formats. This is made possible due to the nature of the modern extensible B6Z file format which allows multiple compression algorithms for different pieces of data.

Not only is B6Z the most advanced file archiving format in the world, but B6Zip is also the fastest file compressor and extractor available to date. Benchmarks show over a 50% speed improvement when compared to the next best utility. Many happy users agree that B6Zip is the file archive utility of choice because of the speed, ease of use, and power of the free archive tool.

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