ezTalks Onion Review – An All-In-One Video Conferencing Solution

eztalks onion review equipment

ezTalks is among video conference service providers that have grown in popularity over the past few years. The company mainly specializes in hardware and software solutions targeted at all levels of business.

ezTalks Onion is among the company’s best performing products as it provides users with all-in-one video conferencing equipment ideal for any type of meetings in huddle rooms. Majority of businesses are utilizing this immersive video conferencing solution to hold live video meetings with employees, suppliers, clients and business partners. Going by its current market rating, it could just be an ideal solution many businesses can adopt. In this article, we’ll seek to explore ezTalks Onion’s key features and advantages.

The Key Features Of ezTalks Onion:

All-In-One Design

As a professional video conferencing equipment, ezTalks Onion is an all-in-one unit designed for small and huddle rooms that allows users to take it with them no matter where they go. Integrated with powerful dedicated software and high-quality hardware, ezTalks Onion enables you to easily conduct or attend a virtual video meeting with your colleagues, customers, co-workers and suppliers.

Ultra Clear Video

Onion boasts of a 1080p camera that results in ultra HD video that has no image blurring, misalignment of colors or reduced contrast. That means participants won’t miss any crucial detail during meetings. ezTalks also comes with 120-degrees angle lens that captures a room in broad view and offers greater focal length for larger maximum aperture to allow light in. With this feature, everyone in the room can be seen clearly from the other side of the video conference.

Built-In Full HD Audio

ezTalks Onion is built with a powerful dual microphone that delivers enhanced voice performance. It also comes with echo cancellation and noise reduction features that eliminate all the annoying background noises for maximum clarity. The Onion’s microphone can capture sound up to 6 meters from the system.

Alongside the microphone is an in-built speaker that’s compact in design. The customized speaker can allow users to connect to any display for a better audio experience.

Many-To-Many Video Meeting Capabilities

This feature allows Onion users to enjoy many-to-many video conferencing at a scale. People can be invited into a single meeting session and enjoy interacting with one another simultaneously. Participants can express themselves through verbal communication and/or through live instant messages and emoticons.

Interactive Whiteboard

ezTalks Onion setup includes whiteboards that support co-annotation for even greater collaboration during meetings. While on it, users can present or share their ideas in sketches using such tools as pencils, highlighters, screen captures, texts, erasers among others.

Instant Screen And File Sharing

Screen/file sharing is also another powerful feature in the ezTalks Onion suite. Using this feature, users can instantly share PowerPoint, images, audio and/or videos in real-time. All this can be done with just a simple click or tap of a button. To find more screen sharing software easy collaboration on ezTalks.

Recording And Playback Ability

Users can use this feature to record important brainstorming and crucial ideas during meetings and enjoy later playback for better understanding or inspiration.

Why Choose ezTalks Onion?

ezTalks Onion offers a range of tangible benefits, especially to enterprise-level businesses operating on an international scale. The advantages of using this all-in-one video communication can be short term, long term and/or both. Here are some of the main advantages for any business that’s using ezTalks Onion:

Enhanced Life-Like Ultra HD Video Communication

ezTalks comes with system that can facilitate a real-time lifelike video meeting using ultra HD video and audio. Its 1080p camera causes meeting participants to see crystal clear images that have no blur, reduced contrast or misalignment of colors. That means attendees can enjoy important details of a presentation like body language and facial expression. Also, the 120-degress wide angle lens allows the camera to focus on the entire room with greater precision, which duplicates a lifelike meeting setting that ensures effective meeting discussions.

Improved Collaboration

The Onion’s many-to-many video feature makes it easier for employees to enjoy cross-team collaboration from different location simultaneously. While on this feature, users can instantly share screen or other important files related to a given project. Also, with the help of interactive whiteboards, colleagues can discuss and share ideas relevant to the given topic. With this kind of collaboration, employees can achieve meaningful discussions, improved performance and greater success on a project.

Greater Flexibility

The All-in-one Onion system offers an immersive video conference experience for employees, business partners and customers interacting from different parts of the world. Not everyone requires an Onion to connect to a video conference. Attendees from outside can simply join in the meeting using ezTalks app right from their laptops, smartphones or tablets. ezTalks Onion can handle any size of room meeting between groups, hosting up to 100 participants per meeting at once. With such huge flexibility, it’s easier for the business to coordinate cross-functional meetings, keep in touch with business partners and handle customer concerns and/complaints.

Improved Cost-Effectiveness

ezTalks Onion can allow a business to hold meetings and host webinars using minimal resources. With the many-to-many video conference feature, it’s easier to make presentations to a huge group of people and have them respond effectively. That eliminates the need to book flights and/meeting spaces while still offering a lifelike meeting interaction setting for participants. In the long run, the business will achieve greater efficiency, improved performance and reduced collaboration costs.


Based on the above review, ezTalks Onion can be a great video conference system any size or level of business can adopt. Right from the all-in-one design to the full HD audio & video all through to many-to-many video meeting and interactive whiteboards, there’s a lot to be desired in this system. Those using ezTalks Onion can enjoy better communication, improved collaboration and greater cost-effectiveness. Businesses can also use ezTalks Cloud Meeting, an easy-to-use video conferencing software with 100-participant free plan, to facilitate communication among employees, between business partners and/or with clients. It’s all about finding a shared platform where people can enjoy an immersive video interaction.

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