Four Novel Ways Of Using The Internet For Marketing

Of course everyone these days know that the internet is a fantastic tool for increasing your brand visibility. But don’t just get caught up in SEO and metrics, try some of these techniques that use the internet to improve your marketing.


Firstly a good way of getting your company name out there to provide small free gifts. Make sure that they go to potential customers and they have your business name and contact information on. Use a Professional digital printing service to get your company’s logo onto a choice of different products. The items can be pens, coasters, mugs or baseball caps. Receiving a gift encourages positive feelings towards your company brand. The potential customer already feels like they’ve got something from the interaction, so they are more likely to go ahead. It also means that they are constantly reminded of your product or service when they use the item.


Another novel way of using the Internet within your marketing strategy is to join some review sites. There are lots of different review sites online. Some are for specific industries like catering or home improvements and others are more general. Once you have found one that pertains to your business, work on encouraging your previous customers to leave you a review. How about offering them a 10% discount on their next purchase? A positive review can encourage new custom and increase your sales. Of course, you may get some negative reviews. These can also be a chance for improvement. Answer them politely, professionally and offer a fast solution. Remember every problem is an opportunity in disguise.


A fantastic gorilla marketing technique we see a lot of at the moment is to use YouTube. Some companies choose to discuss their product or provide a how-to related to their industry. This is fairly easy to do.

Some companies send packages of their products to influential vloggers or video bloggers. The Vloggers then film themselves unboxing the product and reviewing it in a positive way. This is an excellent marketing strategy as millions of people use YouTube and vloggers are now very influential. Thousands of YouTube clips are viewed every day, and it is easily shared across social media platforms. It’s an excellent technique for creating a positive buzz around your product or company.

Create A Buzz

The film industry creates a buzz around new releases by launching websites that make their fictional story seem real. See this Cloverfield related site for an example. This is the most delicious treat for film buffs and geeks. All the discussion that arises from it creates a huge amount of online chatter about the product. Be careful, though, in non-film related industry this could be seen as false advertising.

Instead, why not get more online hype about your product by releasing snippets of information about it before it is revealed in full? Combine this with a company presence on industry related forums. This will create some serious excitement about your products.

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