GetResponse Landing Page Builder Vs. Hubspot Landing Page Builder Review: Start With The Best One

Every website owner wants his/her website to do well. For a website to do well, its landing page is really important. A number of tools are available online that can be used for creating lading page of the website. GetResponse and HubSpot are two such tools available for creating authentic landing pages. So, let us discuss about these two remarkable tools in the coming article and learn why landing page is important for any website.

Importance Of A Landing Page

The first page of a website is the face of your company’s reputation. The digital era is just all about reaching out for the customer needs and serving them to the best. Companies digitalize the branding and promotion work on their website by providing luring deals and offers to their customers. The attractiveness to the offer page can be easily brought by using a landing page. Moreover, the landing page can also be used to get the contact details of your customers through sign up forms.

GetResponse Landing Page Creator

One of the most effective landing page creators in the market is that of GetResponse which is immensely used by the marketers for creating appealing landing pages. Every novice and expert marketer should go for it at least one time in his career. Not only landing page creator, GetResponse also provides email marketing solutions to business owners & individuals.

GetResponse is the one stop solution to all your needs. From business owner to an individual everyone can opt for affordable GetResponse packages. It is a remarkable email marketing tool that also lets the user to create awesome landing pages. Overall, GetResponse is really effective for all your promotion & branding needs. You can carry out your business promotion in an efficient manner and can see an awesome growth in your business in no time.


Top Features Of GetResponse Landing Pages

Some of the attributes of GetResponse Landing Page creator have been listed here. You should gaze over them to know how GetResponse Landing Page Creator is better than the others.

  • Template Design & Style: GetResponse offers 100+ beautifully designed appealing landing page templates to work on. WYSIWYG editor makes it really hassle free to make changes inside the template. One click publishing of the landing page is something that is irresistible. Template items can be moved to selected location within the template through its drag and drop feature. Landing page created by you can be published on either your domain or the domain provided by GetResponse for free.
  • A/B Split Testing: The A/B split testing is the best mechanism to determine the visitor’s reaction on your superbly designed landing pages. A total of 5 variants of the landing page can be checked in real time and you can easily decide which template is loved by the viewers.
  • Software Integration: GetResponse is the one stop email marketing solution. Google Analytics, HTML codes, Social media websites, PayPal and many other tools can be easily integrated with the landing pages.
  • Responsive Design: The landing pages created by you works exceptionally well on mobile devices including tablets and phablets. They are even cross browser compatible.
  • Usability: You wouldn’t have used an easiest tool than GetResponse so far. The training guide, learning videos, downloadable manuals and various other training materials are provided by this tool so that user can learn with ease simultaneously. The customer support is present to resolve your problem any time of the day.
  • Pricing: 15$ is the minimum amount that is needed to be spent to opt the services of GetResponse. This plan is limited to 1000 subscribers and you have to improve the plan when your subscribers increase.


HubSpot Landing Pages

HubSpot is an inbound marketing solution which provides good range of landing page templates to attract viewers to the front page of your site. The highly responsive and programmed landing page templates make it really simple for you to create beautiful landing pages.


Top Features Of HubSpot Landing Pages

Some great features that come up with HubSpot’s package have been listed below. You can look over them and decide which one is best for you.

  • Template Design: HubSpot has good range of eye-catching templates for designing awesome landing pages. Templates can be easily transformed to a new look through its easy editor. Though, there are lots of customization options, but you cannot play with the internal mark up of the template. Customization is bit restricted.
  • A/B Split Testing: Split testing is very beneficial for noting down the viewer’s response. HubSpot allows you to check 2 variants of same template in real time. This lets you to determine which template is loved by the viewer.
  • Software Integration: Social media and networking websites can be easily integrated to the landing pages. You can even integrate PayPal, Google Analytics, and other tools with the landing pages created through HubSpot.
  • Responsive Design: All the templates present at HubSpot are highly responsive. This means that these templates work really well on mobile, laptops, tablets and other viewing devices. Few of the templates are retina ready too.
  • Usability: HubSpot has got an easy interface to understand and use. The visual options makes you understand the things to be done at HubSpot and you can use this tool to your full efficiency.
  • Pricing: 200$ is the minimum amount that you need to pay at HubSpot if you wish to buy this package. No other package is available at lesser amount. It is well suited for big companies having larger clientele.


GetResponse Landing Page Vs. HubSpot Landing Page: The Points Of Difference

Though both these tools are superb in themselves, but still GetResponse looks to win over the few instances from HubSpot. So let us find out how GetResponse is a better companion to the marketers as compared to HubSpot.

  • GetResponse provides you full control over the customization of template, but HubSpot restricts the customization to just few options.
  • Split testing at GetResponse allows you to check 5 variants of same template simultaneously, but this number is limited to 2 when it comes to HubSpot.
  • HubSpot is suited for the big company owners as the minimum package starts from $200, but GetResponse offers minimum package starting from $15.

We can easily determine that GetResponse wins the race over HubSpot landing page creator and is a better option to go for. With lots of customization features, responsive templates, effective split testing, and affordable pricing makes it the favorite tool for the marketers.


After going through the above comparison we can clearly determine that GetResponse is a noteworthy tool worth buying. Though, HubSpot competes with GetResponse in few aspects, but overall GetResponse ruin it when it comes to additional features. HubSpot is a tool totally focused on landing pages, but GetResponse provides different valuable services to the users. Not only landing pages, it even helps the user to create thriving email marketing campaigns & webinars to attract customers. There is no other companion better than GetResponse, when it comes to branding of a business. Overall, GetResponse is a one-stop superb branding solution for just any type of business.

So why are you waiting? Start marketing your business today With GetResponse.

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