Grandstream IP Phones Review

grandstream ip phones review

The phone is still a very vital part of any business and it’s ability to operate efficiently. Whether it be for internal communication or externally, every business needs to be able to get in touch with people. The business phone and landlines have gone largely unchanged for decades and offer a limited amount of benefits.

Thanks to advancements in technology, businesses have a new option when it comes to telephones and telephone systems. A relatively new player in the business phone environment is called VoIP or Voice over IP, simply put it means transmitting phone communication across your company computer network. A popular brand in VoIP in the Dubai area is called Grandstream and they have a number of phone solutions for business.

Grandstream IP Phones

Grandstream designed all of their VoIP phones to work with the most of today’s VoIP PBX systems on the market today that are used in the Dubai and the whole region. Each phone is packed with features including being compatible with SIP protocol. There are phones that can be used at every level of your business, from the standard user all the way up to the CEO of your company.

All of the phones offer superior sound quality and are extremely cost effective for any business looking for a new phone system. Whether you are looking for a simple phone or one that has all the bells and whistles, they have something for everyone.

Benefits Of Grandstream IP Phones

  • Highly cost-effective: Using today’s VoIP is much more cost effective in that you don’t have to run a whole lot of new lines since it connected directly to your existing company computer network.
  • Many different models to choose from: Grandstream offers a wide range of phone models including basic phones, cordless and full-featured executive level phones. They even have phones with color LCD touchscreens for easier operation.
  • Fairly easy to install systems: All of their phones are extremely easy to install and connect to most VoIP telephony systems. There is no complicated installation that is commonly associated with other business phone solutions.


Grandstream IP phones are some of the best in the industry. They each feature many useful features that are designed to be used by specifically by businesses in the Dubai region. All of their phones are designed to be used with today’s advanced IP technology. With more than 25 different phones to choose from, it is highly likely you and your business will find a phone that matches your business’s communication needs. If your business is looking to replace its current IP phones or even to switch totally over to IP technology, then Grandtsream is definitely a company to look into.

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