Surf The Internet Safely With Anonymous VPN Service

torguard anonymous vpn service review

The Internet has become so ingrained in our society these days that the majority of the people in the US has admitted spending some amount of time on the Internet at least once a week. For many, it is more like a daily thing with the need to check email and using one or more of many social media websites available online. Unfortunately, all of this Internet use has the potential to make one’s computer and personal information vulnerable to unauthorized access to the websites that are visited.

By using specialized software, a website can collect information about you and your Internet usage that can be harvested and used for nefarious reasons by unscrupulous website owners. Some of it is done for the purpose of gathering information on Internet surfing habits so that targeted advertising can be created to benefit the website owner.

Anonymous VPN Service

The use of tracking is extremely prevalent and unfortunately, many websites have designed their terms of service to require the ability to track your usage of the site in order to have access. Fortunately, there is a company that provides a service that can be used by anyone on almost any device that can be connected to the Internet, regardless of the OS that is installed on their device.

TorGuard is a company that developed a software program that hides your computer’s IP (your computers online fingerprint). Without the ability to see and track your IP the website cannot gain access or determine where you have gone on their site or anywhere else on the Internet. Their Anonymous VPN Service is a subscription-based service that provides all paid members to all of the benefits of their powerful service.

Benefits Of Anonymous VPN Services

  • Totally anonymous Internet browsing – The service totally prevents your computer’s unique IP from being discovered and in turn tracked. This allows you to access most any website completely anonymous.
  • Stay totally private while online – This service makes it virtually impossible for anyone from tracking you online and this includes government agencies and even the best hackers due to the high-level encryption.
  • Military grade encryption – Your online computer usage is protected using one of the highest levels of data encryption so that it is virtually impossible for a website to track your access when you decide to visit.
  • High-quality customer support – TorGuard has established a highly qualified team of customer service people that staff their customer support lines. Their people are dedicated to providing high-quality support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so that there is always someone there to get in touch with.


If you spend hours and hours on the Internet and you are fearful that you are being tracked or even possibly a victim of identity theft. You would definitely benefit from signing up for the services that are offered from TorGuard.

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