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purevpn vpn service review

With more and more reports of data breaches and identity theft, it’s becoming crucial for people who use the internet to ask themselves how safe they actually are online. One of the easiest ways that websites, hackers and even government entities are able to track you and your Internet surfing habits is be tracking your devices IP. Every device that accesses the Internet is assigned an IP (an IP is like a fingerprint) and using available technology it can be tracked for a number of purposes.

The best way to combat this is to hide your computer’s IP so that not even your ISP (Internet Service Provider) knows what it is. PureVPN is a service that offers all of its paid customers a way to hide their devices IP.

PureVPN Services

PureVPN Services is designed to completely protect all of your data on your devices that you connect to the Internet with from the prying eyes of outsiders. By situating its servers between your device and the Internet, everything on your device is protected by military grade standard AES-256, 256-bit encryption. Using only company owned and maintained servers in locations all over the globe, they don’t have to worry about relying on a 3rd-party company to provide its customers with high-quality protection.

Benefits Of PureVPN Services

  • Ultra secure, military-grade encryption – Your computer’s IP will be safely hidden behind a wall that was created using the highest level, military grade encryption. This means not even the government will be able to know where your computer’s browser has been going.
  • Multiple Servers Locations – PureVPN is able to provide its high quality, secure Internet surfing to all of its paid members via 500+ servers located all over the globe including; United States, Europe, and Asia.
  • Works with most devices – PureVPN was developed to work with virtually any device that is running on Windows, Mac, Android or iOS operating systems. So no matter which type of device you are using to access the Internet PureVPN has you covered.
  • Several different pricing plans available – You have three different options when it comes to purchasing PureVPN; monthly, 6-months and 2-year plans. The 2-year plan offers the best overall value at only $2.08 per month.
  • Highly qualified and trained customer service – In order to better help their customers, PureVPN has set up one of the best customer service team. There is always someone there to help you with your VPN issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

What Are Users Saying About PureVPN Services?

Part of our research for this PureVPN review article we did plenty of online research. We were able to come across some user reviews that were posted about PureVPN. We decided to include one of those users reviews that were posted online.

According to one user from the United Kingdom “The interface is really intuitive which makes it extremely easy to set up and use.”


What PureVPN offers is to its customers is a piece of mind knowing that you are able to surf the Internet totally anonymously. Their services are compatible with most if not all devices that are currently running on Windows, Apple’s Mac OSX and iOS as well as Android OS from Google. PureVPN is designed around a powerful military grade 256-bit encryption which prevents your IP from being tracked by websites you visit and government agencies or even hackers.

If you are fearful that your Internet surfing and data that you have on your computer are in danger when you are connected to the Internet, then you really should look at PureVPN.

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