Yealink IP Phones Review

yealink ip phones review

Communication is the backbone of any business these days, having a phone system that keeps up with all of its needs is extremely important. There has been quite a bit of innovation these days in the kinds of phone systems that are available for businesses. One of more popular today involves a technology called VoIP or Voice over IP.

This relatively new technology uses your business wired network to connect to the VoIP PBX system. This will completely replace your old antiquated landline system. There are a number of different equipment options, including those from a company called Yealink. Yealink IP Phones and telephony equipment are all compatible with the area communication systems.

Yealink IP Phones

Yealink Phones Dubai is one of the biggest manufacturers of phone and telephony equipment in the entire Dubai region. They sell a number of business products ranging from IP phones, IP conference phone equipment, as well as a full range of video conferencing equipment. Yealink developed all of their IP phones and systems in a way that helps the end-user achieve cost savings and better efficiency.

By using only the latest VoIP technology in each of every one of their phones and other IP equipment, they ensure that their customers only have the best of the best equipment at their disposal.

Benefits Of Using Yealink IP Phones

  • Lowers end-user cost: The equipment and services Yealink offer are all designed to help the end user keep their overall cost low. Each of the phones and telephony systems is packed with features that are designed help the user get the most bang for their buck.
  • Offers only the highest quality equipment: Yealink manufacturers all of the equipment they offer to their customers of only the highest quality materials. They offer a number of different levels of phones and each level features their set of powerful features.
  • Advanced Technology: They also feature the latest and greatest VoIP technology on the market built into each and every one of their phones. They offer IP phones that range from a very basic phone all the way up to an executive model with a large LCD touchscreen.


Yealink is one of the top manufacturers of VoIP phones and telephony equipment in the Dubai, UAE region. Their numerous lines of corded and cordless handsets are all made to their exacting standards. Whether you are looking for simple phones or full-featured executive style phones, Yealink has a model for your company.

Whether you are looking to completely upgrade your company’s old antiquated phone system or just add some newer VoIP phones to an existing telephony system, Yealink will have something that will work for you.

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