Jinomz Test Review – We Tried It!

jinomz test review

For a while now, we’ve been interested in these new direct-to-consumer DNA health packages such as DNAFit, or 23andMe. During our research, the startup Jinomz stood out, not just by what looks visually professional, but also offering additional products alongside results.

Jinomz is a new biotechnology company that launched in January 2018, with the sole task of revolutionizing our health. Its all-in one personalized at-home testing uses the power of your DNA, your blood markers and your gut microbiome in order to learn more about your health (diseases predispositions), fitness & ancestry breakdown. It also lets you create your own personalized supplements & skin care products according to your results.

Ordering & Collection Process

We ordered the DNA test package that costs $169 on their online shop. A few days after, the kit arrived!

It came with instructions, a return envelope and an Oragene collection kit in which we had to spit in. One of our team member, Matt, completed the process and sealed it up in order to send it back to the address provided.

Our Results

After 4 weeks, the results arrived on the Jinomz online app. The reports were organized into the 7 different sections: Ancestry breakdown, health reports, medication reports, training reports, nutrition reports, brain reports and skin reports.

The Jinomz app contains more than +300 highly comprehensive reports. Some of them are very technical but in overall they make things clear and easy to understand. Some screenshots of the results:

Matt shares some feedbacks on some reports:

  • Nutrition reports: Matt is an experienced bodybuilder and this section is probably the one where he knows himself the best. The test results confirmed everything he noticed after years of experimenting different kinds of diets. For example, he always had tachycardia when taking high doses of coffee and the test indeed confirmed his high sensitivity to it because of his CYP1A2 gene that makes him a ‘slow metabolizer’ of caffeine.

Another interesting fact, Matt always succeeded losing significant fat on a high carb diet, a fact that goes against traditional fitness rules (low carb-high protein diet). The DNA test also confirmed that. He was extremely surprised to learn so many new things about his genetics and how it affects his nutritional needs.

  • Ancestry breakdown: Of course, he had to look at his ancestry breakdown. To no one’s surprise, he is very northwest European.
  • Skin reports: He was surprised by how many specific results there were, for example ‘sagging eyelids risk’ (which I was glad to find out was a low risk for me). He had not realized how many skin-related characteristics could be affected by his DNA! He again appreciated the inclusion of several specific and easily implementable recommendations, especially as many of them were things he never would have thought of doing myself (e.g. eating more garlic and onions to improve skin detoxification!).


There are so many reports that we cannot summarize every single result in one article. Matt really enjoyed the Jinomz reports and would recommend them to anyone wanting to improve their health & fitness. He felt that the way in which the information was presented was very effective and helped him to navigate the reports with ease. The reports allowed him to quickly assess the variety of results, but also provided enough extra details and resources to help him explore specific results further.

The explanations, scientific references and actionable recommendations added even more value to the results. Matt can now take various actions to improve his health by following the recommendations and ordering his personalized Jinomz supplements.

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