Here Are Some Simple SEO Tips You Can Apply Right Away

SEO is no rocket science, but it is not really simple either. There are so many tasks to do in order to keep your site’s SEO performance high. Not only that, SEO is an ongoing effort and not a one-time thing. This means you need to evaluate your SEO campaign regularly and make adjustments as you see fit.

Although SEO can be quite complicated, it can be simple as well. Forget about the difficult bits of SEO and let’s take a look at some of the simplest SEO tips you can apply right away.

Updated Content = Better Value

Businesses tend to have a static website that displays their products, services and other related information. Unfortunately, search engines now prefer websites that are updated regularly than static sites. So how can we get around this? Start a blog section.

Get the CEO of your company – or yourself, in many cases – to blog. Simple updates posted once a week is more than enough to boost your site’s SEO performance. You can also start an Articles section, fill it with useful tips on how to utilize your products and services, and let users benefit from the articles you post. This will help boost your site’s SEO performance and grant you access to a steady stream of new visitors.

Go Local!

Unless you are really targeting the international market, there is no point in competing against millions of other websites on an international scale. Instead of targeting generic keywords, focus more on keywords that your local audiences actually want to find.

Local SEO is really the next big thing. When you focus on local SEO, your site will rank higher when the user doing the search comes from the same country or state as you.

Getting started with local SEO is also very easy to do. First of all, set up a Google Business page for your site. Include a valid address and your site will appear on local searches right away. You can then add the state and country where you are based to various elements on your site, including the title of the page and headings inside the pages.

Lastly, add a contact information to the footer of your site. This will ensure that the address, state and country information are displayed across the site. You will see a nice boost in SEO performance once these local SEO tactics are implemented.

Monitor Where You Stand

Site owners often make the mistake of using the wrong KPIs (Key Performance Index) to track the success of their SEO campaigns. To know how well you are doing, some of the parameters you need to focus on are:

  • New vs. returning visitors
  • Bounce rate
  • Time on site
  • Traffic sources
  • Visitors’ behavior

The last element can really help optimize your site. Google Analytics, for example, now includes additional tools such as hotspot tracking to help see how users interact with different elements on your site. You can make fine adjustments and improve the effectiveness of your layout and content rather easily.

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