Here’s What Your Financial Employees Need

Your startup is evolving from a startup. It’s becoming a vibrant, blooming business with some money coming in and an opportunity for expansion. In many startups, the person dealing with the finances and accounts is the founder of the company. But when you’re getting the space and the financial freedom to start hiring more people, you’re going to want accounting help. You’re only going to be getting busier and busier, so you need to hire someone who specializes in finances to ensure you have all your bases covered.

So if you’ve got a financial department employee coming to join your company, how should you prepare? What kinds of things should you be providing this new employee? Here are a few tips.

The Physical Supplies

Remember back in school when you were always encouraged to work things out without using a calculator? But when you grow up and start entering the business world, you see that everyone uses calculators over their mental estimates. When you’re dealing with a company’s finances, you need to negate human error as much as possible. So ensure that you have a calculator ready for use. And not just any calculator! You should provide them with a calculator with specific accounting and financial features. While it’s possible that they have one of their own, it’s really best for the company to provide everything they need. You should also ensure they have a good supply of pens and pencils.

The Right Software

Speaking of negating human error, you should ensure that all the computer software they could need is ready for use. Of course, if you haven’t dealt much with this yourself, you may want ask them about the software they’d like. They are likely familiar with particular software already. But if you ensure that their work computer is at least armed with Microsoft Excel something like Quickbooks, that’ll give them a head start.

Printing Supplies

All those dreams about the paperless office? Well, an accountant or financial controller can’t follow those dreams that well. They need to have physical paper copies of a lot of the things they deal with. It can be much safer to have certain information on paper that it is to keep it in the cloud, for example. So make sure your printer is working and that their computer has streamlined access to it. Make sure you’re armed with loads of A4 paper and spare ink cartridges. If you’re looking to send bills and give payslips to employees, Quickbooks cheques should also be ready for altering and printing.

Knowledge About Your Industry

You’ve found someone who is quite clearly a wizard when it comes to accounts, cash and numbers. You may think it’s possible to abstract them from other aspects of the business. But you’ll be putting them at a severe disadvantage if you don’t give them a helping hand here. Let’s say you have a video game studio. You could get a financial employee who doesn’t know too much about the video game industry. They could do a great job without that knowledge. But eventually, it will work to their disadvantage. Take the time to ensure they’re included in all major discussions about your business and its place in the industry at large.

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