Hi Launch Their Innovative Connected Video Doorbell That Protects Your Home

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In the United States alone, a house is broken into once every 90 seconds. Current solutions are expensive and complicated to install. The FENOTEK Hi) Butler allows any homeowner an easy and affordable solution to keep their home safe.

Because more than 80% of burglaries happen during the day when no one is at home, 72% of burglars need only force the front door open. Existing solutions of indoor cameras only show the homeowner being burgled – what use is that if your house is still burgled?


With a high-resolution camera and always-on internet connectivity, Hi) makes it possible to greet visitors whenever and wherever with only a smartphone or a tablet. With Hi), there is always someone home!

Whatever if you’re home or not, Hi) checks on video the visitor who’s standing in front of the door on your mobile phone or your tablet, and to be able to talk with him through a bidirectional communication.

And if Hi) is connected to a lock or an electric latch, it is possible not only to see and communicate with the visitor but also to open him the door from the smartphone… for a more friendlier welcoming !

An Intruder? Hi) Alerts You To React On Time

Hi) sends you a notification on your smartphone as soon as it detects a movement in front of your house. The function of video surveillance activates the long term camera to see what is going on.

If you detect an unwanted presence, the alarm of the device can be triggered and thus avoid on time any intrusion at your place.

Hi) identifies and recognizes the members of the house when they are passing close to the house and can activate predefined actions such as opening the doors, turning on the lights or opening the shutters. One only has to confirm the action thanks to a password (Android) or a Touch ID (iOS).

Parents, absent from home, can also receive a notification when kids are back from school in order to be reassured.

With Hi), You Will Never Miss Any Delivery!


Thanks to hi), no more risk to miss an important delivery, and to systematically have to go to the post office to take back a package. Hi) users will always be available through their smartphone, to greet and give instructions to the delivery man.

You can find Hi over at Indiegogo right now.

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