You’re Doing It Wrong! Why Connections To Your Bluetooth Speakers Are Failing

bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth is one of the most used tech innovations of our time. It’s a practical way to connect one device to another over a wireless link. Bluetooth has been around for a couple of decades and is now a standard connection method.

As you can appreciate, Bluetooth’s job is to make our lives easier. And it also enables us to have fewer wires around! The only downside to Bluetooth is that connections between devices can sometimes fail.

Does that sound like a familiar problem to you with your Bluetooth speakers? If so, you might assume that your sound setup might be faulty. The truth is, the problem might be down to how you are making your connections! Here’s why those wireless connections to your Bluetooth speakers might be failing:

You Forgot To Turn On The Power

Believe it or not, some folks assume that all Bluetooth devices will turn themselves on. They think the speakers they use have some form of Bluetooth auto-sensing. In reality, one must turn their speakers on FIRST before attempting to make a connection!

As with any tech gadgets you use, read the manual before you use them. That way, you can familiarize yourself with how they work. Plus, you’ll learn how to make successful wireless connections to them.

You Aren’t Aware Of The Pairing Process

Some speakers allow you to pair a device like a smartphone just by selecting the name. Others require you to press a button on the speakers. There are even some where you must type in a code to pair the device to your speakers.

As you might expect, it’s crucial to know what the pairing process is before you attempt it. Doing so will ensure a greater chance of a successful connection.

The Electronics In Your Speakers Are Faulty

Yes, sometimes Bluetooth speakers do develop electronic faults and stop working. So, even if you’ve tried different ways to pair your device, the fault may lie with your speakers.

If that happens to you, there are two choices available. The first is to get your speakers repaired – or attempt a DIY repair yourself. And, the second is to buy some replacements.

Should your speakers be under warranty, you could get them repaired or replaced for free. Otherwise, you will be liable for the cost of any repairs.

So, what should you do if the only real option is to get some new speakers? You may be thinking that some replacements will cost you a lot of money. The good news is solid entry level choices won’t hurt your wallet! Given their rising popularity, Bluetooth speakers have come down in price in recent years.

Your Device Is Too Close To Your Speakers

Some of us assume we have to sit right next to our Bluetooth speakers to make a successful connection. The thing is, doing so can cause problems rather than avoid them!

Sometimes, wireless interference from other devices such as Internet routers can create issues. You should also ensure that your router isn’t sitting on top of your speakers for the same reason.

Good luck!

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