The Hidden Threats To Your Website

hidden threats website

Whatever the purpose is for your website, you always want it to be operating at full capacity. Having a website that is down or not working as it should can cost you visitors, money, and time. While some factors that are detrimental to your site cannot be helped, there are many more that can be solved. They just need you to be proactive with how you approach your website. Fail to prepare, and prepare to fail, as the old saying goes….

The Details To Bring People In

Your website looks terrific. The content is outstanding. The shop that is supposed to bring in all the cash is beautifully integrated with your flawless design. But there’s just one issue: your site isn’t getting any visitors, and it’s your fault. ‘Me? What did I do?’, I hear you ask. Well, it’s what you didn’t do that’s the problem. If you haven’t taken the take to ensure your website fully matches the requirements for a SEO website, then it’s going to be a tall order getting people to find your site organically. Make sure it’s watertight on that front – hire a professional if need be – and you’ll see a big difference in visitors.

Not Responding Fast Enough To Dangers

All too often, it’s a website owner’s slow reaction to a problem that causes the site to have problems that could – and most probably should – have been avoided. If you don’t have the proper SIEM (Security Incident and Event Management) software installed in to help combat these issues, then you’re asking for trouble. This software identifies threats and then alerts your IT team to them as soon as they happen, enabling you to secure your website and its data before any damage has been done.

Giving Users Too Much Power

In real life, most people are kind and friendly, and wouldn’t think of causing you harm. This mentality is less often seen online when, given the opportunity, internet users will mess with you if they see an opportunity. If you give your users the option to upload their own files then you’re asking for a web of trouble to unfold. If you do have the option for users to upload their own content, make sure you stay on top of what’s being uploaded to ensure the files don’t contain anything insidious that could let people manipulate the code of your site.

Your Complacency

It was you all along! OK, maybe there’s no need to be quite so dramatic, but really, your eyes probably do have the potential to cause more problems for your site than you’d care to admit. Have you ever visited a site, clicked around for a while, and then noticed very basic errors that really shouldn’t be there? Such as links headed to nowhere, search form boxes being only partially accessible, and so on? It most like happened because the website owner got so used to looking at the overall picture that they forgot to pay attention to small details. Stay on top of everything, no matter how insignificant!

With over 9 years of search marketing experience, Sandra is cross skilled between PPC and SEO. Her experience in search spans across different verticals including Technology, Retail, Travel & Automotive.