Fighting The SEO War – Should A Startup Go Into Battle?

fighting the seo war

The title might seem a little odd, especially if you believe the many myths that surround SEO. According to legend, search engine optimization is the only thing that stands between your firm and cult status. Get SEO right, and you’ll rake in money faster than you can count it. Of course, this isn’t the case as a dominant company needs to incorporate a range of factors. SEO is important, of that there is no doubt, but it isn’t the only way to success. Plus, it’s time-consuming and hard work. So, should the firm use up its energy to tackle something as big as SEO? Let’s find out.

Yes – No One Knows The Business Better

The best argument for internal search engine optimization revolves around feel. In simple terms, there is only a handful of people that know what’s best for the business, and they aren’t on the outside. They are on the inside, and they know everything from the best keywords and phrases to how to appease Google’s algorithm. The consensus in a lot of startups is that external companies don’t understand what makes the firm tick, so why ask for their help? They could make no difference whatsoever, which is a waste of money as well as time. If you are like most startups, you won’t have any of these commodities to spare.

No – It’s Too Much Hassle

Anyone with experience in the area will know that SEO is a lot of work. It might not seem like it in the beginning, but it becomes apparent after a couple of weeks. You see, the work never stops because customers never stop. They are always changing and evolving, and their searches develop as a result. When this happen, it is important to react, yet you might not be able to because you are pinned down with another project. SEO might be necessary, but it is also irritating and annoying.

No – You Can Have Your Cake And Eat It

However, just because you don’t have the energy doesn’t mean you can’t use SEO. Plenty of firms don’t bother fighting the war, yet they still benefit from hugely from links and original content. The reason for this is because they employ agencies to do it on their behalf.

No – Time Is Essential

As a famous person once said, ‘time is money,’ and that is true in this industry. What’s even truer is that you can’t get time back once it goes. When you put these two things together, it becomes apparent that you can’t afford to make the mistake of wasting time. Any business that does will find itself in a difficult situation. As SEO is a big consumer of time, it could have the opposite effect than you hope.

Yes, SEO is important, even vital to a business’s success. But, that doesn’t mean you should take care of it alone as you can outsource it and save money, time and energy.

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