Marketing Mayhem: How To Stand Out

marketing mayhem

Marketing in its essence is trying to draw people into your business so that it can be seen by others. After all, if nobody knows your company exists, then you won’t get any sales meaning your business will no longer be secure. Marketing stops this. It forces people to know about you and as such buy from you. Good marketing gets your business under the noses of people who are more likely to buy from you. You can’t really say there is any kind of bad marketing, but it can be the type that is just blanketed out there with no target in mind which can usually lead to disappointment. There are many things that need to be thought about when you decide to do some marketing, and indeed there are many different ways to market your business. Here you can see some of them explored, which can give you and your business the boost it needs to stay competitive and not go stale. You my already have done some of these, but let them give you ideas that you can further develop on.


Most people have a website to support their businesses. However, some don’t really realize that they are a marketing tool in themselves. On the landing page you need push your latest products or latest promotions. You need to develop your site in such a way that does this well and enables you to essentially advertise other aspects of your website on the front page. If you go to a site like amazon you can see it done very well. Remember, if you use a professional tell them exactly what you want and give them your plans. The more they know the better a job they can do. The website is a hugely important aspect to your marketing, if it isn’t set out right then people won’t use it. Make sure there are no glitches too, or that it is not too hard to navigate. If it is, you’ll lose sales. Of course, a website is only good if people know it is there.

Search Engine Optimization

This is essentially ensuring your website appears high on the list of search engines such as Google or Bing. How often do you click through to the second or third page of a search? If you are on later pages your chances of getting hits are hurt big time. Optimization can help this. There are many companies offering SEO out there, which can help the traffic come to your website. You can do it yourself though if your business is on a budget. Consider creating a business page on your social media accounts. From this page you need to post quality content that people can see and engage with. Do not make it click bait, or people will soon lose respect in you. The content must include links back to your website, which people will click. You can do the same with blogs. The beauty of blogs lies in the fact you can really choose the niche that best suits what you offer. For example, if you sell laptops then target blogs which deal with technology. Guest post quality articles and link them back to your website.

Web Advertising

This is where you pay a website to display a banner or picture where visitors can click to take them back through to your site. It can be expensive, so make sure you get the budget right and advertise on the correct websites. Do your research. Think about what sites’ visitors would most likely click through. There are different types of fees too like a flat fee or pay per click (PPC) where you pay a small amount each time your link is clicked.


You need to stay on top of the advertising you use and ensure you know what is working. Software like Google analytics lets you see exactly where the traffic on your website are clicking in from. This means you can see advertising streams that aren’t working, so you can pull them and reallocate the cash somewhere better. You can even see from where the people are coming in from, so you know which countries you are strongest in. It gives you the tools you need to improve upon everything and should be used in conjunction with marketing campaigns to keep track of your flowing traffic.

Trade Show

The trade show is another great way of marketing your business to people who care enough to venture out. You can really pull in some brilliant clients and customers here if you play your cards right. Make sure you do all you can to get a good location at the trade show, you don’t want to be stuck in some forgotten corner. You also need to bring branded tablecloths and media walls to ensure people know who you are. Make the colors bright and attractive so they bring people in and take your most engaging employees who aren’t afraid to act like sales people and talk up your business. Take samples too. If you are a food based business take the food you make with you and hand them out, you may lure people in doing this.

Go Old School

Is is effective in all kinds of ways, but mostly because it means you can hit people in your businesses area of operation. Get your engagers out into the streets with flyers and leaflets. Make them wear t-shirts that are branded with your business logo to increase brand recognizability. Sample your products to the local customers. Post leaflets through home doors of your city and place posters in locations you think are impactful. Consider renting billboard signs too so that hundreds of people see what you do. This type of marketing is far from dead and you can bring in lots of local clientele by doing it often.

With over 9 years of search marketing experience, Sandra is cross skilled between PPC and SEO. Her experience in search spans across different verticals including Technology, Retail, Travel & Automotive.