HoloNumber – The Private Phone App


HoloNumber is the only app that allows you to have as many phone numbers as you want, available all the time, anywhere, with no Internet needed. Low rates, flexibility and privacy is their gift to you.

HoloNumber  provides private, temporary and business phone numbers with local and international calls at low rates.

Never lose a call again with your permanently connected phone numbers which can be used to place and receive calls even when you are not on a 3G/WiFi connection, even if the app isn’t running.

Manage as many phone numbers as you like, dispose of them whenever you want or keep any HoloNumber as your second phone number.

Get a HoloNumber in over 80+ countries, there are no contracts or setup fees and, thanks to their Advanced Call Routing Algorithms, Local & International calling rates saving up to 80% on your regular bill.

The HoloNumber App is designed to work seamlessly in your phones’ background with almost 0 battery usage – it becomes active only when a call is made or received, unlike Skype, Whatsapp or Viber that drain your phone’s battery power by maintaining constant connection. Why trust any other app with your voice communication needs when HoloNumber can provide call quality that is superior to Voice over IP while not using your data plan either?

Dropped calls and lag are a thing of the past with this amazing new app. Your friends and contacts don’t need to have HoloNumber installed in order for you to enjoy all the benefits.

HoloNumber is currently in the pre-launch phase and will be officially launching mid July in the United States, Canada & UK. If this service is something you’re interested in and want to use then visit their website for more information.

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