How To Best Utilize Your Business Marketing Budget

If your business has a tight marketing budget but is still looking to expand, then it is important to make the most of the money you have at your disposal. Here is a handy how-to guide on how to best utilize your company’s marketing budget, today.

Hire A Social Media Intern

Social media is an exceptional way to grow your business. Social networks enable companies to market their trades in new and diverse ways, which allows them to reach new audiences. The medium is an excellent brand builder. The cheapest way to implement a social media strategy within your office is to a hire an intern. Interns will obligingly work unpaid. There is a college or university student out there who is dying for some experience in social media management. They will happily do the job over their summer break or across a ‘year out’ for you. Don’t miss out on this budget marketing tip, because it is a great one! There may be a few small costs along the way, such as promoting Facebook pages or the costs of a Hootsuite membership. However, you’re saving massively by not having the pay an additional salary. Meanwhile still gaining the expertise of an additional member of staff. Bargain!

Do Your Own SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization is a massive trend in marketing right now. It can be costly, particularly to outsource. So, it may be worth training up your staff, in order to get them up to speed with this latest technological trend. There are two routes that you can go down with SEO. The battle is between white hat SEO vs black hat SEO. The latter being the method you may be more familiar with. Trying to deceive Google’s algorithms to promote your website or online content is a proven method to marketing success. However, it means that you are totally reliant on Google for your advertising campaign to function. Should Google go down the next day, you’re stump. White hat SEO is the more honest and ethical of the two. It focuses on the use of evergreen skills that will make your business money in the long haul, not just the short-term. Either method is sure to be an excellent use of your company’s marketing resources, regardless.

Offer To Do Public Speaking

Finally, offering to do public speaking is also an intuitive way to raise public awareness of your business. You won’t be generating any profit from this exercise directly. However, you will soon see the rewards of your efforts in the increased business and revenue that your company starts to generate.  You can discuss any issue within your industry in front of hundreds of like-minded individuals, all eager to learn more. This puts you at an advantage as you can use your business as the example in all of your points. This will, therefore, raise the profile of your company and illustrate how well you do the things that you do.

Hopefully, these three tips have shown you how best to utilize your business’ marketing budget.

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