How To Get Back Your Workplace Attention

how to get back your workplace attention

Those that work in a team environment or independently might sometimes find themselves losing focus and diverting their attention somewhere else. This can be frustrating, especially if you love your work and/or know you have a lot to complete.

Getting back that efficiency and work focus is possible with the right knowledge and tips. Therefore, use this guide as a means to improve your workplace attention and become a more efficient worker.

Tidy And Organize Your Surroundings

To get back your efficiency while working, the number one rule is to keep your workplace tidy. Whether you work from home, in a coffee shop, or in an office, keeping your surroundings in order will help you stay focused on the task ahead of you.

This could mean tidying your desk before you start or adding some additional desk features that will maintain the order and tidiness of your workspace.

For example, having a Cable Storage Organizer attached to your desk will help you to keep your wires tidy, your workspace free of fires, and your desk well-organized. No longer will you have to spend ages finding the right cable or untangling them to make your desk look presentable. You can keep them all in one place and never have to untangle a knot again.

Small changes to your workspace can help you to keep it tidy, which will help you maintain attention when you are working.

Make And Lay Out A To-Do List

Another effective method to help you get your attention back at work is to make a to-do list and lay it out in front of you (or wherever is in your peripheral vision). The closer your to-do list is to you, the more you will look over at it and want to tick off the tasks.

If you keep it out of view, then you might lose track of what you are doing and again, lose the attention that you so desperately want to get back.

When creating a to-do list, prioritize the important tasks. Adding them to the top of the list will ensure that you get them done and out of the way, which will leave you with the smaller admin-type tasks. Thereby, you can slowly work through the list, tick tasks off, and maintain your focus.

Hand Over Work That You Lack Understanding Of

If you are handed tasks that you know you cannot complete to the best standard, then it might be worthwhile asking your boss if you can hand it over to someone with the right expertise. Doing so will reduce your workload/stress and ensure the best results for your business. 

Doesn’t be shy to admit that you cannot complete the task well. Your boss simply might have assumed you have the skillset. Instead of completing this difficult task, you can complete another task that is more within your skillset. Hence, you will be able to maintain focus and not feel overwhelmed.

Take Regular Breaks

When you do start to feel overwhelmed, the best thing that you can do for your stress levels and attention span is to take a break. Taking regular shorts breaks will allow you to reset your mind and your focus.

Trying to work through the day without a break will lead to burnout and eventually, your focus and attention will be lost altogether.

Fuel Yourself

To stay energized and attentive, it is important to stay fueled. Not getting enough food and water will lead to a lack of energy, which will hinder your ability to concentrate.

Make sure to have a fibrous breakfast and balanced lunch, with snacks in between if you feel fatigued. This will ensure that your body and brain have enough fuel to stay focused.

Furthermore, make sure to maintain hydration throughout the day as this will help with your concentration too.

Set A Rule For Notifications

You might find that when a notification goes off on your laptop or phone you instantly lose focus on the task ahead of you. If so, then it will be a smart move to set a rule and limitation for notifications. You could put your phone away or put it on silent so that notifications do not hinder your workflow and divert your attention.

Furthermore, you can adjust your laptop settings so that you only see the essential notifications. If you have notifications popping up that hinder your work and will not benefit the tasks ahead of you, then you will find yourself losing focus.

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