How To Improve The Search Ranking Of Any Website

Have you started a new website in 2016? Would you like to boost traffic levels by improving your search engine rankings? Then you’ve come to the right place. The methods listed one this page are guaranteed to offer assistance. We’ve also added an infographic that provides more information. People who manage to put these ideas into practice will succeed in most instances.

Get More Backlinks

Before you do anything else, you need to get more backlinks to your website. That could mean sending press releases to relevant blog owners. You might also contact a creative content marketing agency. Either way, Google likes backlinks.

Publish Longer Content

The length of the content you publish could make a big difference. Google now favors longer text, and long pages tend to get a better ranking. Maybe you should pay some freelance writers to create new posts for your blog. Aim for 1000 words per article, and you can’t go wrong.

Add Images To Your Content

Research shows that articles and web pages with at least one image tend to outperform those without a picture. You can use creative commons photo sites like Flickr to find the pictures you need for free. Just make sure you provide a credit link back to the original author.

All those concepts should help to improve your website’s search engine rankings. However, you shouldn’t stop your research there. You can always learn more, and education is the key to success. Browse the information on the graphic produced by Herdl SEO Agency.

Infographic Produced By Herdl SEO Agency

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