The Most Important Modern Tech Innovations

modern tech innovation

Technological innovation has been occurring for such a long time that it’s easy to forget the various milestones through our history. Every day we hear of a breakthrough or some new technology, but here we go back through time to observe main points of breakthrough, so, in no particular order, here are some of the best technological innovations throughout the modern age.

The Smartphone

In 2007, on January the 9th, the Apple smartphone launched. It’s changed the world. Now phone, music, apps, internet, camera, GPS, and even a compass could all be stored on one device. The multi-touch smartphone paved the way for the tablet and the coming convergence of the laptop/tablet/and smartphone and new hybrids such as cloud-connected glasses and smartwatches. It’s fair to say the smartphone changed the way we live, and even changed the way in which the world works.

Business Streaming Analytics

Business Streaming Analytics have changed the face of business improvement. Gone are the days of customer surveys and listening groups. Now customer preference can be found by analyzing their every move on a business website, finding key trends and date with which to act on real time analytics to up-sell products or identify website problems. This is a game changer, no longer do analysts need to be employed, now business owners can do it all themselves, changing the face business analytics forever. It also allows for deep data mining, whereby companies can put together certain information about you and potentially put it together to form a vast psychological profile which predicts spending habits.

Global Positioning System

Or GPS, means you’ll never get lost again. Dashboard GPS can keep your car on route in even the most remote places and with the majority of people carrying smartphones these days we can find the nearest anything with a few touches of the screen. It truly is a modern marvel, and means we’ll always be able to navigate our ways through even the most unknown cities.

The Computer

A list of modern innovations would not be complete without the computer. The first was called the ENIAC, a huge behemoth that occupied 1,800 square feet. The computer as we know it, the PC, first went on the market in 1971 and revolutionized the entire world. Computers are used in almost everything these days and have quite literally changed everything.

Digital Music

Music has been a key form of entertainment for hundreds of years. Its evolution has happened quite quickly, records giving way to tapes, then CD’s and finally funny digitized. No more do we need to have rack upon rack of CD’s, now who can hold thousands of albums all on our phone or music device. It’s also improved sound quality and sharing capacity, and due us no longer needing the older forms, has cut back dramatically on waste.

The Internet

The internet has changed almost everything. The Internet was invented in the late ’60s and made available to the public in the ’90s. Since then, it has improved both communication and information dissemination and changed daily life for virtually everyone on Earth. We can now solicit any service we require through the internet and learn anything we want to know.

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