Keeping Your Laptop Safe When You Travel

keep your laptop safe when traveling

If you can’t leave your laptop at home when you jet off to another country, it’s important that you at least know how to keep your tech safe as it makes its own journey from one place to another.

Taking precautions to keep your laptop free from harm when you travel is actually pretty simple. Here’s what you need to do:

Invest In A Secure Laptop Bag

Many people who travel with their gadgets are more concerned about thieves getting to them than anything else, but they’re more likely to see harm come to their stuff from breakages than anything else. That’s why you should invest in a cushioned laptop bag that will help protect it from falls and which features slash-proof material and tamper-proof zippers so that neither scenario will come to fruition.

Keep It With You

Unless you’re unable to take your laptop into the cabin with you, you should endeavor to keep it on you at all times. That way, you can keep a close eye on it and prevent any would-be thieves from getting access.

Do Not Disturb

If you’ve made it safely to your hotel, and you want to go out and explore, put your ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door, and it’s much less likely that anyone will gain access to your room and steal your laptop from you.

Use A Security Cable Lock

Security cable locks are like bicycle locks for your laptop. They are cheap, readily available and require a key or combination to gain access to the device. Some models even have their own motion detector and alarm to alert you to any potential thefts.

Scan Your Laptop

When you’re using Wi-Fi networks that you aren’t used to, there is a chance that your laptop could be exposed to various threats, which is why taking a usb virus cleaner on your trip is a very good idea. As well as that, you should also check that any websites you’re using your credit card on begin with ‘https’ and that the tell-tale security padlock is present. This should keep you safe while you travel.

Use Theft Recovery Software

If you are unfortunate enough to have your laptop stolen, having theft recovery software installed on the device will give you a much better chance of recovering your property with the help of local law enforcement. Just make sure you install software that will work even when your data is erased by thieves.

Encrypt Your Data

If you don’t want your data to fall into dodgy hands and be used nefariously, encrypt your data and ensure that you have strong passwords in place.

Purchase Insurance

If you’re traveling with any tech, it always pays to buy a decent travel insurance policy that will cover you for the theft and loss of your items. Make sure you get enough cover to replace all your gadgets should you need to and then, even if you can’t protect your laptop, you won’t have to do without one.

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