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Let’s face it, there are a lot of free movie streaming websites out there, and Netflix has become almost a fixture in the lives of most of us. But is it really worth the hype and the money you pay for it? Certainly not. When the free trial of Netflix of trial ends, you are going to want to leave it and find a new streaming site. Netflix has limited content and has also increased their price recently. Therefore, you should move on to better streaming sites.

Rather than trying out different free movie streaming sites, you can find one site that will find for you the best and most popular Netflix alternatives that will solve all your streaming issues!  You don’t have to look for any Netflix alternatives on your own because you will find all of them on one website.

PickaFlick – 9.5/10

PickaFlick has our highest rating because of its impeccable service and quality. They have the latest movies and the latest episodes from some of the best T shows. For example, Netflix does not have Orange is the New Black. Shocking right? But with PickaFlick you can stream all episodes of Orange is the New Black including the ones from the latest season. They have a huge library of the best movies and TV shows. Pick any genre you want and you will not be disappointed with the selection they have to offer.

Cloud Load – 8.5/10

The second-best option, according to us, is Cloud Load. This one is for those who want to torrent their movies and TV shows. It has one of the most powerful BitTorrent platforms available so you will definitely enjoy the experience. They also have a wide selection of moves and TV shows to offer.

Amazon Prime – 8/10

Amazon Prime is one of the more well-known Netflix alternatives. This is because they not only offer a great selection of movies, but they are also producing some pretty amazing TV shows like Netflix is. And they have free shipping!

Crackle – 7/10

This is not the site that has all the latest movies and TV shows but it does have a great collection of your favorite classic like Seinfeld. The selection is a few years older but they have the biggest hits available so you know you’ll be watching quality content!

Google Play Movies & TV – 6/10

Operated by Google, this site offers online video on demand. You can watch movies on the Google Play website or via their application. You can also download your movie or TV show and watch it later, offline.

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