Marijuana Dispensaries Go Mobile

marijuana dispensaries go mobile

Kushmoda has announced the unleashing of the most powerful marketing tool available for marijuana dispensaries!  The long awaited tool is actually a platform that allows individual dispensaries and delivery services to build and manage their very own independent mobile app.

The platform makes it extremely simple to connect with existing patients and customers.

  • Create and update dispensary menus
  • Create loyalty and rewards programs
  • Promote daily or weekly deals
  • Send push notifications of deals, events, flash sales, etc.
  • Engage patients/customers with aggregated news and events
  • Inform patients of strains and effects
  • Verify new patients
  • Much more

In similar industries, implementation of the above items has proven to lead to increased repeat sales, brand loyalty and customer retention which is why the company is so excited to introduce this tool to dispensaries around the nation.

“Every feature that we’ve developed in the Kushmoda Platform is designed to allow dispensaries to form a deeper connection with their patients/customers. Our number one goal is to help dispensaries increase revenue through repeat sales, brand loyalty and customer retention.”

Johan Elgg – CEO and Founder of Kushmoda

Social Media Networks are shutting down dispensary accounts without notice. Weeks, months, even years worth of hard work can be lost in an instant.  According to various sources, over 1200 accounts have been shut down just this year.

“Facebook and Instagram are shutting dispensary accounts down without warning. This is a huge problem for us because it’s leaving us with no options to promote, market and connect with our patients.  Having a mobile app for our dispensary would give us complete control over our content and we wouldn’t have to be at the mercy of any corporate social media giants.”

Katrina W – The Greenery Delivery, San Francisco, California

Kushmoda serves to provide a permanent solution to this growing problem by giving dispensaries the opportunity to create and manage their own platform in order to better connect with their patients/customers.

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