This Marketing Works Like Magic!

marketing like magic

As the owner of a new business, you’ll certainly want to hit the ground running. If you stumble out of the gate it can mean a difficult period of recovery. If you don’t burn brightly from the first day, you might find that your business spark has gone out after a couple of months. Okay, enough metaphors, it’s time to think about what makes a business successful from day one. That’s all about marketing and type of promotion that you use. It’s fair to say that there is a lot of different forms of marketing to use for business promotion. But some are better than others and you need to use the tools that will deliver nothing less than magical results. So, what options are we talking about here?

Great Partnerships

It’s likely that you will be using a digital marketer to run or to help run your online promotional campaign. This is really the only way to proceed because without someone on your side, you’ll struggle to make any impression at all. But, if you are using a marketer, then you do need to big the right one. The best option is to use a Google Premier Partner. These companies are hand picked by Google for excellence in marketing for their clients. Therefore, if you use a business like this, you can definitely trust you’ll get the results. If you’re not looking for a Premier Partner, you at least want to think about searching for a business that is reputable. Make sure you are using a company with fantastic reviews from existing clients.

Guest Writers

If you’re promoting a website or blog online look for guest writers. Guest writers and reviewers already have a built in audience that will follow them to different sites. So, they might have fans who search their name each day. If one day they see that their favorite reviewer has posted on your site, guess what happens? That’s right, you get that traffic, and this automatically increases your search ranking. You also gain the possibility of converting a brand new group of customers to buy your product or use your service.


You might want to think about investing in an app as well. Apps make your business look modern, exciting and immediately give users a cool way to access your business. Don’t forget that a large portion of online sales are completed through mobile devices these days so the market is definitely there. If you have an app you can use it as either or source for purchases or purely as a marketing tool. It’s entirely up to you but we guarantee, it will deliver some absolutely fantastic results for your business.


Finally, magic marketing isn’t exclusive to online forms of promotion. You can also try some guerrilla marketing tactics and change the promotion into the event. It’s possible to do this using actors around or nearby your store. Or, if you are working online, hiring a web designer to create a website platform for you that is truly immersive. It’s all about using your creativity, imagination and making sure there’s a great team behind you.

With over 9 years of search marketing experience, Sandra is cross skilled between PPC and SEO. Her experience in search spans across different verticals including Technology, Retail, Travel & Automotive.