Photographer Captures The Most Stunning Pictures Of Ocean Waves You’ve Ever Seen [IMAGES]

There is a power about the ocean that is unrivaled to any other force on the planet.

Human beings often witness this power in a number of ways, such as what is seen during the devastating course of a hurricane or tsunami.

Yet beyond our vulnerable relationship with the ocean, we stand in awe of its incredible serenity and beauty.

Few people have the ability to capture all of the ocean’s complexity, but Australian photographer Ray Collins recently completed this amazing feat, releasing a series of pictures of ocean waves in stunning HD like you’ve never seen before.

At first glance, these colossal ocean waves resemble glassy mountain tops that have been frozen in time – Collins has done a remarkable job of capturing stillness in movement.

Take a moment to enjoy Collins’s beautiful artistry below, and to see more of his work on his official website.

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