Here’s What A Boeing 747 Looks Like When You Spend $400 Million Customizing It [IMAGES]

When you’ve got the cash to make your dreams come true, why wouldn’t you jump at the chance? Some people want to own an island, but if you know where the real life is at, it’s owning your own private jet. Flying anywhere in the world when you want to beats an island in the middle of nowhere any day of the week, but the usual jets that the rich buy are chump change to a billionaire. They aren’t on a billionaire’s level: they could own a whole fleet of private jets and store them on an island they just bought because they’re feeling pretty ‘tropical’ these days.

What is on a billionaire’s level though is that next level airplane experience. We’re talking about a literal flying mansion in the sky that only gets used to fly from LA to London every few months. You’re going to need a big ass plane to get that job done, something along the lines of one of the biggest planes in the world. Sounds like an easy project, but it took Greenpoint Technologies 3 full years to modify the 747-8 to the quality fit for the richest of the rich. Nobody knows who the mysterious baller is that would drop almost half a billion dollars on a personal airplane, and Greenpoint Technologies has made a point to not let anything out of the bag besides a few walkthrough photos and an overview of the floor plan.

So the question is: would you do the same? You can spend $400 million a lot of different ways, but kitting out a 747 that you aren’t even going to spend that much time in has got to mean the owner isn’t feeling too much of a buyer’s remorse. If you can afford $400 million on a new plane, why wouldn’t you?

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